Holiday Award Toys – Top Ten for 2015

Puddles are freezing, snow is in the air and seasonal lights brighten the evening... Holiday shopping is just around the corner! Here are some of our testing family favourite toys for 2015. Read the Full Story

2015 Top Ten Picks for the Greatest Game Night Ever

Frosty nights and cracking fires... time to cozy up and dust off the board games. Here are our top ten favourite games this year, plus a list of other great new games for 2015. Read the Full Story

Settling into School: The Best New Educational Toys for 2015

As we slip into the final week of September, kids are beginning to settle into the new school year. And, with their study routines falling back in place, it’s time to introduce ways to enhance what your child is learning at school. Read the Full Story

The Learning Power of Play

The most important thing is for parents to inspire and motivate their child by providing the right environment for learning. Read the Full Story

Keeping Your Kids Busy This Summer

Whether you're travelling or just enjoying the hot summer days in your yard, here are some great new toys to keep your kids busy during the school break. We've even included a few summer-themed activity kits to keep them occupied during summer showers. Read the Full Story

A Week Off School: Activities to Keep Kids Busy Over the Spring Break

The March break is upon us... what will your kids do with a week of free time? Some families will travel, and other kids will go to camp., but some will have an opportunity that happens less and less with all the scheduled activity of day to day life. If your kids are home this week, here are a few ideas... Read the Full Story

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