Keeping Your Kids Busy This Summer

Whether you're travelling or just enjoying the hot summer days in your yard, here are some great new toys to keep your kids busy during the school break. We've even included a few summer-themed activity kits to keep them occupied during summer showers.

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Decorate Your Own Sunnies (we suggest 6+, Creativity for Kids)

Sunny days need quality eye protection. This quick-to-make activity personalizes three kid-sized sunglasses with loads of extra appeal so kids really want to wear them.

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Use these great new water blasters to stay cool and refreshed while running off a little extra energy.



BARBIE® Bubble-tastic Mermaid™ Doll (3+, Mattel)

Great bubble-making backyard BARBIE fun! Durable enough for outdoor play with a tail that makes lots and lots of bubbles to chase.

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Go Bong! (6+, Foxmind)

Ultra portable and super durable - perfect for a quick beach or poolside game! Enjoy lots of dome popping fun and plenty of game choices on this 6 x 6 grid board, including 2-player and solitaire options.

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SandBlox 7 Piece Sand Shaping Set (5+, Melissa & Doug)

At the beach on in your sandbox, these sand molds add new fun to sand play. Five different shapes can be arranged in geometrical patterns to make a creative-looking interlock pattern. Or mold sand bricks to stack into fantastic castle structures.

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Deluxe Easy Weave Fleece Blanket (7+, Creativity For Kids)

Makes a great campfire blanket! Jumbo sized felt strips are easy to weave and quickly make up into a good sized 3' x 5' (89 cm x 147 cm) soft and comfy blanket.

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FireTek Bow (8+, Zing Toys)

There's more than campfires to keep kids outdoors on warm summer nights. Our testers are loving these glowing darts that light up the night – an awesome effect that also makes it easier to see where the darts land.

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NERF Super Soaker Zombie Strike Blasters (6+, Hasbro)

Or maybe your child likes to battle the Zombies that come out after dark. The water compartment lights up making it easy to imagine that you're blasting those undead monsters with some super toxic Zombie repellant – and the lighted blaster looks pretty awesome, too.

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Educational Insights GeoSafari® Night Explorers (6+)

Whether you're blasting Zombies or just looking for night time bugs in the garden, after dark exploring missions are easier with the red filtered light from this cool flashlight. Also great for low light treasure hunts or late night bathroom forays.

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Mini Round Games (6+/8+, Set Enterprises)

Not only are the mini versions of these popular games ultra portable, they've been redesigned as shorter games that offer extra quick on-the-go fun.

Grab & Go Games (5+/6+/7+/8+)

Hasbro has also reformatted a number of its classic games into travel versions.

Grab & Go Games feature full versions of classic board games – just shrunk to a micro size for easy portability. Smaller components require better fine motor skills, but the same suitcase space will now hold a wider variety of games to play on your vacation.

Or if you prefer more physically active games, Micro Series Games (8+) offer smaller versions of Simon and Bop It! - same fun and easier to take with you.

There's even a new toddler line. Playskool Play Stow Go Toys are designed to fit in a diaper bag to keep your child busy when they're away from the toy box.

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Paracord Wristbands (7+, Creativity for Kids)

Imaginista™ Cute Cords (8+, The Orb Factory)

Great crafting fun to make ultra durable bracelets that can be worn in and out of water.

It’s My Biz™ ULTIMATE BIZ GUIDE (8+, Fashion Angels)

This entrepreneurial how-to kit helps kids put some of their extra free time to good use. Whether they're baking, crafting or doing odd jobs, the included booklet offers an inspiring, kid-friendly presentation of core business concepts for kids that want to earn a little extra spending money – or to raise funds for a charity of their choice.

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