2015 Top Ten Picks for the Greatest Game Night Ever

Frosty nights and cracking fires... time to cozy up and dust off the board games. Here are our top ten favourite games this year, plus a list of other great new games for 2015.

Rogers Daytime (Oct 16, 2015)

The Game of Life Junior (5+, Hasbro, Inc)

It's the Action cards that make this game great. Our kiddi testers say it's way more fun to sing a song or do a Charades-like pantomime to earn a star than to just pay for one.

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Go Bong! (5+, Foxmind Games)

Our testers loved the soothing, bubble popping fun on this 6 x 6 square board - a great fidget toy, and you can play games, too! Ultra-portable, ultra-durable and there are no pieces to loose.

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Fox's Party (6+, Zoch Verlag/Lion Rampant)

Clever game mechanics make this a game of both probabilities and, as the game progresses, one of memory. That's because each wrong guess sends the card to the bottom of your pile, so remembering these cards can enhance your guesses next time around.

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Wanted! (7+, Ravensburger)

Keep your reflexes on high alert and pay close attention as you flip cards watching for the ones where the characters are shown doing their own character-appropriate actions. Then it's nerve wracking, brain freeze causing fun trying not to be the last person to mimic the action.

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Attila (7+, Blue Orange Games)

A refreshingly new quick-play strategy game. Players use chess knight moves to relocate their pieces to open spots on the board. But each move 'scorches' another square leaving fewer and fewer places to move.

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Crowded Waters™ (8+, Educational Insights)

In this game, your hexagonal shark piece moves in whichever of the eight directions you pointed it last move. Probably the most effective game mechanic we've come across to get kids thinking ahead about future moves.

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King's Gold (8+, Blue Orange Games)

Roll dice combinations to get the most gold. Our testers loved playing with the plastic 'gold' coins and cool-looking black dice.

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Rush Hour® Shift (8+, ThinkFun Inc.)

All of the gridlock navigating satisfaction of the original Rush Hour brain teaser, now in a two player game.

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Dragonwood™ (8+, Gamewright)

Whether you go for lots of easy wins or build your deck to tackle the big challenges, our testing families love the variety of choices players have to earn points in this richly illustrated fantasy themed game.

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Two Rooms and a Boom (8+, Tuesday Knight Games)

Figure out who's who, then influence the hostage swaps to make sure that when the game ends the Bomber and the President either are, or are not, in the same room.

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Other Great New Games

Some Classics Revisited