New York Toy Fair 2016: Day 1 Wrap Up

Two things can be guaranteed from the first day of Toy Fair; sore feet and non-stop excitement. We started the day with an appointment at Spin Master followed by Innovation First (Hexbugs). Here are some of the highlights we had the luxury of checking out today.

Bunchems Alive

Ripe off the previous success of Bunchems, culminating in the awarding of the 2016 Active Toy of the Year, Spin Master is going to the next level. The introduction of Bunchems Alive add a vibrating motor to make your creations move. Build around the vibrating ball and slam you creation on the table and watch it move.

Kinetic Foam Sculptures

Kinetic Foam combines the ease of use and innovation of Kinetic Sand into a more craftable form. Stretch, crunch, tear, and combine the foam to create anything you can imagine. Simply leave to out air dry your creations will hold their shapes. The models at the show were highly stable and absolutely gorgeous in details and colours.

Bringing back the good old days, Spin Master is reintroducing both the Power Puff Girls and Teletubbies. Coupled with new content for each, there will be plushies, figurine, play sets and more. The recent acquisition of Etch-a-Sketch will be exciting to follow as new versions hit the market. Popples are also back! Love the nice soft velour of the new ones.

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol will be getting interactive with the new addition of the Zoomer Marshall. Easier functions allow the traditional Zoomer to appeal to younger audience and the branding of Paw Patrol is perfect. Aerial and Jungle play themes are the newest addition to the Paw Patrol line including all new PTV (Paw Terrain Vehicles).


Joining the Hexbugs Battle Spiders in the arena are new Battle Tarantulas. Containing parts to build your own battle ground, they are a perfect compliment for Battle Spiders. Holding a single turret on their head their walk is mesmerizing.

NanoNitro are turbocharged Hexbugs. Utilizing the same tracks as the Hexbugs they act as an excellent addition to Hexbug collections or a great starter kit.

Smart Toys

Smart Toys and Games are introducing 14 new puzzles for this year including Little Red Riding Hood which continues the story of the big bad wolf from Three Little Piggies.




The Orb Factory is taking felting to the next level. Streamlining the process, Fuzzeez allows kids to create their own stuffed animals. Mini Plush crafts will teach kids the basics to sewing a little friend. The introduction of the Pow Pillow Plush Craft brings the amazing process into a more gender neutral environment. Boys, as well as girls, will love creating their own pillow and learning the whole process.

The maker movement is back this year in full force. Makey Makey is introducing a more beginner friendly and streamlined Makey Makey GO. Plugging directly into a USB port, the GO uses capacitive technology instead of resistive. This allows it to function without the need to ground yourself and can be activated anywhere with minimal preparations.

Follow us tomorrow as we head to Hasbro bright and early. Let us know if there are any toys that pique your interest @thenoiseontoys. Stay tuned for further updates and a show recap to come.