Testing With Your Own Toys

Don't Live in Toronto or Ottawa?

We can't send you testing samples – those samples are available only to families who can pick them up. But if you're willing to use your own toys, you can still participate in our testing program in every other way.

There are two ways you can share your input with us. The quickest is to add your comments to the published toy reviews on this site. But you can also be involved in testing our current batch of new toys.

We welcome your input – and especially your children's comments – for any newly released toys you've purchased yourself. As long as you're registered, your feedback can be pooled with our testing results and with your permission quoted in our reviews.

Read through the rest of the overview, and if you think you'd still like to participate, fill out an application form indicating you know that you will be testing your own toys and would still like to be involved. We'll send you access codes to register so you can file your reports in a way that they can be pooled with the rest of our testing feedback.