A Note For Parents of Toddlers

Lots of toddlers prefer playing with preschool toys. Unfortunately, this is a preference we cannot accommodate, no matter how precocious your child.

Choking on small parts remains the biggest safety hazard - and an age recommendation of 3+ means the toy may not have been screened for small parts that could pose a choking hazard. For that reason, we would never lower the age recommendation for 3+ toy - or test it with younger children.

The editorial challenge for under threes is finding ‘toddler safe’ (no choking hazards, etc.) toys that two year olds actually find interesting enough to play with. [The only exception to this policy is for children who turn three during the testing period – and then, only with specific parental consent.]

Another consideration for parents of toddlers, is that there are never as many testing toys for toddler testers, as there are for other ages. Manufacturers typically introduce fewer new toddler toys compared to new toys for other age groups. To compound the problem, most of the families interested in toy testing have toddler-aged children.