Returning the Toys

After the testing period, the toys are donated to charity. New testers occasionally express concern about how their children will react to giving the toys back. Our best advice is to explain it like a library. Kids seem to understand this, especially if they know in advance.

With our prior consent (please check first!) and with the stipulation that the donated toys will not be resold - even for charity - we encourage you to donate your testing samples to a local community charity of your choice. We like that this helps to decentralize the giving, but we do ask that you let us know where you are donating the toys, and request that the recieving organization send us a follow-up acknowledgement. But please remember that, it is critical to check with us before donating your toys, to ensure that we no longer need them (for redistribution, photo shoot or press conference). Toys are often shipped from a limited pool of advanced media samples, and new samples are often difficult – sometimes impossible - to come by until after the toy is in actual production much later in the year.

If you don’t have a charity to donate to, please return your toys to us, and the Beta Theta Pi fraternity will take care of distributing them to various community charities.