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Chalktalk Sports Sport Bag Dice Games

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It's a fun game but I don't think I'd play it very much. Kyle (M11)

Kind of boring. Takes only a few minutes to play, but not very fun. Jonah (M7)

I don't get how this is supposed to be fun. It depends on how lucky you are what cards you get, so not very interesting! Anya (F9)

I ended up with a rainbow of players.Brighton (M10)

My mom had to keep reading the rules to me. It was hard to understand some cards (words) I didn't understand what they meant. My mom and I decided to play another way (not the rules) and it was better... but it is not really a game that I like. Andrew (M7)

Good for people who like hockey, there aren't many other card games for hockey like this. It was actually really fun and I'm not even a big hockey fan. It is an original idea. It's quick, easy to learn, easy to play, you can play a game in five minutes. Colton (M13)

It s really easy to play and the games are quick. I liked the recruits, they usually help to win the game: if you miss one of your players you can still go for the team colour, without having to change mid game. Talon (M15)

It's really fun and its a game that gives you lots of chances (ie can choose different plays and get new cards that you can do more with) and the opponent of you doesn't know what you have. If you loose, its OK because you still had a lot of fun - you can give penalties, offsides to your opponent and that's funny. It feels like that you are a real soccer player, but you're sitting so you can play at home too. [But most of the time now] I just like to play with the cards myself and look at them sometimes. Maybe we can play once in a while, but I'd like to keep them anyways if I could. Alex (M5-1/2)


We played the baseball version of this card game. It was fun and took some time to play it all (which is a good thing). Erik (M5) enjoyed matching up the cards to form his team but often needed some help in figuring out what he needed to complete the team. I found the variety of rules and options a bit confusing myself and often had to refer to the card guides to figure things out. Even still, I was left a bit confused on certain plays. Erik also had a hard time holding his cards so we laid them all out on the table. It would have been nicer to be more size appropriate to little hands. I would recommend the game as it is portable; relatively simple and Erik seemed engaged in it. Its nice that its not a battle brawler or an electronic game and certainly has its uses on a road trip, in a tent, at a cottage or on a plane. Its certainly one of those games that you could easily stuff in your purse and bring along for older children to play at a party or a restaurant to avoid boredom. Although I think this toy does have play value, it would be better suited to older kids who can play together. I think its a neat idea and the game plays out well, but while the kids (3 and 5) enjoyed it when they did play, they are too young to 'get the rules'. Morag Paton 

We had the Hockey card game. Quick and easy to play. Great for teaching basics hockey team lineup. Colour choice and random card playing. Not one of the boys played just one round, we usually played three to five times per session. A nice quick card game. Interesting for hockey fans for sure. Denise Leuchter

Child must read to be able to play this game, and even then, the rules are still somewhat complex. The graphics on cards are poor and differ only in colour and words. Rules are somewhat complex. Game has boring appearance and too many rules. Christine Ross

Typical card game where you have to draw and discard to complete a perfect hand. The game is hockey based, so you need to have a goalie, 2 defence and 3 forwards. You trade cards, or steal from your opponents to form a hockey team with the same color. There are wild cards and penalties which hurt your opponents hand. The game is fine, for younger children, but will mostly appeal to hockey fans. An interesting way to play cards, with a hockey theme, but there are better games on the market. David Grimbly

For a true fan of football who can appreciate the complexities of putting an award winning team together. The idea of building a team is what caught Andrew's attention. Game rules are difficult: a very complicated game for someone with only basic knowledge of the football game. Too many rules, game plays, combinations. etc. suspect better suited to older child. We changed the rules and it becames more enjoyable. Andrew (M6) has had no interest in playing this card game since our initial testing. In fact, I could say the same - due to the complicated rules, combined with my limited knowledge of football, has made this toy uninteresting. Kim Moenick