Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 8
Play Value 7
Cost Value 8
Design 8
Quality 8
Parent Appeal 9
Educational Value 9
Safety 10

4D Cityscape Time Puzzles

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MSRP:$39.99 ca
$39.99 us
Editor's Review

Our testers found that assembling this puzzle was a little overwhelming for 8 year olds. Even young teens enjoy the activity best as a family project.  More than one parent felt that $39.99 is a little pricey for a puzzle, but considering the 100+ miniature buildings - which like most board game components, are costly to manufacture - the $40 cost is not really out of line. 

What's special about these puzzles is that each recreates the skyline of a famous city (different city puzzles are sold separately). First you build the jigsaw base to map out the streets. Then it’s time to add the 100+ miniature 3D replicas of the iconic buildings that define the skyline. A poster-sized guide prompts you to add each building in the same sequence as it was originally built, so that you can see what the skyline looked like at any point in time: 1899… 1976… or even what it will look like a few years into the future. The whiole experience can enhance general knowledge with armchair...

Tester Reviews

I just like putting the buildings together. It was a bit hard, but cool, because it's real. It's like you're a giant or in a plane looking down on the city. Chiam (M10)

What a fantastic puzzle! it is so fascinating to create a city and find out about it's history at the same time.  The kids (F8, M9, F11) went to Toronto this summer and saw the CN tower, the puzzle became much more than just fun, they where reliving the moment. The pieces are all the same and they all fit wherever you want, that's a first for me. Marie-Lise Hache, Parent

Manufacturer's Description

Patented 4D puzzles that allow you to build cities. Build each puzzle over time and discover the 4th dimension (time). Product is competely educational and fun. 

We tested the Toronto version: This puzzle recreates Toronto's famous skyline, not only in three dimensions using scale-model buildings, but also along the fourth dimension of time. The puzzle includes 111 building replicas that depict the city as it appeared as far back as 1899 through to 2015 – over 100 years of architectural history. The puzzle includes iconic structures such as the CN Tower, Eaton Centre, First Canada Place, Old City Hall, the AGO, and Toronto City Hall. Each building fits into pre-cut holes in a traditional 2D jigsaw puzzle composed of 896 pieces that form the city’s geographical layout. The product includes a Time Poster that directs you through time as you...

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