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uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

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Age:4+ (beginning readers)
MSRP:$14.95 ca
$14.95 us
Editor's Review

What child doesn't love a treasure hunt? And with over 40 preprinted clue cards, this game makes it quick and easy to set up a hunt that'll keep your kids occupied for a pretty long time. But convenience isn't the only great thing about this game.

The Picture Helper poster lets non-readers decode words on the clue cards by matching them to pictures. That's not only a great way to boost reading skills, it's what makes this game so much fun - and three skill levels keeps it interesting for different age groups. Our testing kids loved figuring out the words on the clue cards, and not just to get the treasure. It was the hunt itself that was fun, and since parents didn't always need to rely on fancy treasure-like incentives to keep kids interested, they were happy to let their kids to play as often as they wanted.

A huge hit with all our testers, this treasure hunting game is a superbly designed educational tool that's loaded with kid-appeal and parent satisfaction.


Tester Reviews

We hide the cards and then everybody gets to find them. I like it when the card is hidden in the fridge; that is the silliest place! It doesn't matter what the surprise is at the end, I just like playing. Jillian (F5)

It makes getting socks fun!  Mom hid 8 cards around the house and with each one I would get a pair of socks, then I would have a clue for the next hunt.  It was so much fun!  I want more treasure hunts!! It's not the fact that I get something, well that's not true, I like getting stuff, what I like also is  reading and finding the clues. Sebastien (M9)

I love this toy. I want to play it all the time. I like when mom suprises us and wants us to read the clue so we can get a suprise. I like that card the best. We get chocolates or gum as a suprise. I try to read the clues myself but I use the helper for some words. Andrew (M4)

They never get tired of playing this game! It doesn't seem to matter what is at the end of the treasure hunt, it is the joy of finding and reading the clues that they seem to love. The visual map is clear and my 3 year old is able to 'read' all of the pictures on it. I appreciate that it can open ended and I can use anything as a reward at the end and that I can make it last as long or as short as I need.  Stacie Carroll

My kids LOVE this game.  Anything to do with a treasure hunt and they're hooked!  They love trying to find the "surprise", and I love that they're learning to read/recognize words at the same time.  At first I thought it would require a lot of set up on the parent's part, but it doesn't require too much. This was a fantastic game for the kids- I love how there are different levels and different ages can play.  It's a great family activity and the kids love a scavenger hunt!  I plan to buy this one, and it would make a great gift! Jill Bondy

This is absolutely great! There are 3 levels of reading ability, with the included chart I was able to interest all 4 kids.  My kids are learning English as a second language and this game made it fun.  I have started using it whenever I buy something for one of the kids, be it a pair of socks, sometimes it is just the card with " surprise" on it,  it is motivating to find the cards or the prize.  For advanced readers it would not be enough of a challenge, they could remember the locations easily, but emergent readers are perfect for this game. Marie-Lise Hache

An excellent simple game geared to early readers. It is back to the basics:  have fun learning without the glitz of computers. A very interactive game that involves parents and children working together to become dectectives in learning where the suprise is located. Orietta Miranda

A great way to make reading fun.  My kids love treasure hunts and have asked me to set up another one many times over.  It would be nice if there were more cards in the set and increasingly challenging for older readers.  My son is 5.5 and can read all of these cards without any trouble.  It would be nice to have a next level. Jennifer Stewart

Manufacturer's Description

uKloo is a children's literacy game based on a treasure hunt where the child finds and reads clue cards placed around the house. It builds reading confidence, first research skills and basic sentence structure. A fun game where the child is reading without even realizing it! 

The game builds sight reading, provides basics of sentence structure and introduces first research skills. It makes reading fun, builds confidence and promotes independence. 

User Comments
Adult Comment
Richard, Parent
I (or my kids) own this toy
Kids are having so much fun that they are learning without even realizing it!
Easy to set up and play
My son wanted to play it over and over and over...
“The Best Game EVER!” says my 5 year old son. I picked this game up on the recommendation of a friend who swore it did wonders for her child’s reading. Am I ever glad I listened! My son has doubled his reading skills by playing this game daily…and he is having so much fun with it that he has no idea that it is educational! uKloo is a little known gem.
Adult Comment
Karyn, I am a teacher, a parent and a a grand-parent
I (or my kids) own this toy
Easy to understand and use
Different from the usual reading games out there and oh so much fun!
Nicley packaged
Nothing other than the kids want to keep playing it over and over!!!!
UKLOO is an amazing game. I am a teacher and a parent/grand-parent and I see the benefit of using the game at both home and school. The gamehas been very well thought out and addresses perfectly the learning of basic reading skills in a fun yet educational format. YAHOO for UKLOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!