Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 10
Design 10
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 9


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MSRP:$11.99 ca
$9.99 us
Model:Item: 28514
Editor's Review

No flashing lights, no sounds, no cool transformations. But this lightweight, foam sword is all kids need to feel powerful and inspired to "do great deeds". All our kid-testers felt the stir of imaginary adventure with this sleek-looking sword in their hand.

Tester Reviews

It's solid, but it's soft, and you can't get splinters or stuff like that. It doesn't bend and the best thing I don't hurt anyone with it.  I like to put it in the back of my shirt so that I am always ready for a battle.  I play with my little brother a whole lot with this sword.  It's not heavy at all so I can swing it fast when we have a battle.  I like the handle, it has a little hook on each side so that it can put it in the back of my chair and keep it know  in case of attack.  And another good thing is that it's a Nerf, I love them. - Sebastien (M9)