Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 8
Play Value 8
Cost Value 9
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 8
Educational Value 8
Safety 10

Alphie Databots

In Stores
MSRP:$17.99 ca
$15.99 us
3 x AAA (Included)
Editor's Review

Even in homse with other electronic learning aids, this hand-held unit proved quite useful as it was small enough to keep handy in a purse. Particularly enjoyed as a distraction to keep a child occupied in the car. Available in either a music (Meastro-Bot) or numbers (Dec-Bot) themes. Note: Despite bi-lingual packaging, this is a unilingual toy.

Tester Reviews

I've seen my child (F3) progress in the last couple months.  Even if she puts it down & doesn't touch it for a couple weeks, she does eventually return to her "robie".  She's discovered new functions (did not know the eye area could scroll).  Susan Kong-Griffin, Parent

I liked that it had different modes for my daughter to identify shapes and colours, as well as to practise repeating back simple patterns. This was a toy she often went back to and picked up - she didn't bore of it easily. - Sonia Mendes, Parent

Manufacturer's Description

These portable DATABOTS friends are full of personality and provide lots of learning fun!  The MAESTRO- BOT pal is a musical playmate with a keyboard in his tummy who teaches preschoolers about melodies, colors, shapes, patterns, and sequencing. Kids will love to play along to Mary Had a Little Lamb, Three Blind Mice and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on their musical pal’s keyboard.  The DECI-BOT buddy enjoys numbers and is full of engaging games to introduce children to amounts and the principles of greater and less than.  Tots can count along as his fingers light up and sing along to his special numbers song.  Requires three "AAA" batteries, included. Each sold separately.

Alphie Databots Deci-Bot (Item 21186) This little robot figure has all kinds of counting fun to share! Your child will use the DECI-BOT figure’s cool keys to practice counting and count along as this pal’s fingers light up. This on-the-go buddy even features two modes of fun: Explore...

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