Seal of Approval
Overall 8
Play Value 7
Cost Value 5
Design 8
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 10
Safety 6

24" FreeStyle Spooner Boards

In Stores
MSRP:$54.95 ca
$39.95 us
Editor's Review

Our testing families had fun spinning and balancing on it, but weren't sure what else to do with this curved balance board.  But it is solidly build, with the great potential to encourage physical fitness and cordination. NOTE: We suggest wearing protective gear, esepcially when doing daredevil stunts. 

Tester Reviews

It's just like my skateboard but with no wheels!  I can stand on it and do a spin but I have to balance a lot because it's tipsy!  Even my dad can go on it and it doesn't break!  Carleigh (F18m) is so funny, she sits on it and spins around and around and gets dizzy.  I don't play with the toy a lot because there's not much to do. Blaze (M5)

It is fun and exciting to figure out what you can do with this board. Great for indoor and outdoor play. Everyone including mom had fun trying to make the board move in different ways. I think if i was more of a daredevil more could be done. Orietta Miranda, Parent

Manufacturer's Description

Soar into summer, glide into winter, Spooner Boards promote fun and fitness all year and anywhere!

 With Spooner Boards you can replicate all your favorite board sports, in any location and on any surface— safely!

The Spooner Board is a virtually indestructible balance board that spins, flips, wobbles and more. Younger ones will love simulating skateboard or surfing tricks and older kids will brush up on their snowboarding techniques in the off season. The Spooner Board can even be used on the snow for sledding or boarding. Parents, you will breathe a sigh of relief to know that the Spooner board has been designed with child and floor...

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