Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 8
Play Value 7
Cost Value 7
Design 7
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Educational Value 8
Safety 10

Story Speller™ Game

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Editor's Review

One of the better story telling games we've seen. Our testing parents liked that this game has a little more structure than similar games, both in terms of colour-coded story elements, as well as the story tips offered in the instructions. And this game encourages a little more planning, as the game revolves around collecting the elements you'll use for your story, rather than creating a story on the spot from randomly drawn story elements. In fact, you have the whole game to think about your story as the telling part doesn't really happen until after the game. NOTE: Despite the name, spelling isn't really a part of this game, other than a few enrichment suggestions identified in the instructions. 

Tester Reviews

I like this because I get to tell the story and everyone has to listen to me, but I wish it had more princess cards. Meaghan (F5)

After playing a similar game, I realize how well this game is designed.The big differences is the color matching to being able to exchange cards.  Also there is a structure to the story that the book tile encourages.  There are so many tiles that it can appeal to a boy and a girl.  Mia (F8) has a running story , almost like she is making chapters in a book.  For Kaï (M7), I'm happy he can make a sentence with the right elements and that he adds context. Marie-Lise Hache

Manufacturer's Description


A beginning storytelling game where you learn to tell and spell your very own story

Story Speller™ is the fun and beginning storytelling game that everyone can play. Fill a storyboard with your favorite story element cards, choose your hero or heroine, and learn to tell and spell your very own storybook tales! The story element card categories include: Friends and Foes, Locations, Treasures, Objects and Obstacles, Vehicles...

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