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Overall 9
Play Value 10
Cost Value 8
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 10
Educational Value 10
Safety 6

Klutz Boom! Splat! Kablooey!

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$19.95 us
Editor's Review

A good selection of "explosive" experiments that explore the noise, the mess and the really big explosions that do both. There are over twenty different activities, including some classic favourites, as well as a few experiemnts we've not seen before. Backgound information and easy to understand explanations turn the fun into a memorable "lesson". The book comes with the special gadgets you'll need: the geyser tube, the depth charge and the can 'o pops. But many of the experiments also require other things. Most you can scrounge from around the house, but you may need to buy some things specially, like a two litre bottle of soda pop, Mentos and Ivory soap. This is a fabulous book full of interesting and novel science projects. Thoroughly enjoyed by our testing families.

Tester Reviews

It is funny because at first I did not want to do it, but now I have gone WACKO over it! I love that there are so many things that haven’t been discovered yet AND YOU CAN FIGURE THEM OUT! It is also fun to think of your own project and get some good information from the book which is awesome. It is definitely is a WOW because it actually works, and I have gone WACKO over it. Zoe (F9)

I could do a lot of different experiences and they where really cool. It was fun to see what would happen like with Mentoes and pop we made it explode! The Ivory soap was the coolest thing ever, even my grandmother was amazed! Sebastien (M9)

It was really fun to do with my mom. Sometimes the experiments were hard to do (like the can o pops) so she had to do them for me. After a while I could do the can o pops myself. I liked that with the geyser they give you tips on how to make it better. It was really cool that they explain to you everything that was happening and it also blew sky high!!! Brian (M11)

We had a lot of fun with the experiments in this book. It was unfortunate that some of the experiments required things we didn't have at home, like bubble wrap, Mentos and Ivory soap, so we could only read about them. In the Kablooey section, we were disappointed that the all too few experiments included microwave popcorn. That has become a bit too common. The extra scientific information was general enough for us to read together and enjoy in the context of the book. We spent an afternoon sitting and reading the science, then outside to do a few of the experiments. We liked that some of the experiments could be good practical jokes. It took us a while to get to this book because it needed more supervision than a regular craft or project that my son could do on his own. I would take this into consideration when buying this for someone else, that is, I would buy for a child whose parents would be willing/have time to help with the projects. Christina Abbott

A lot of different ideas with wonderful explanations. We liked that it was written in kid friendly language and the pictures were easy to follow. [Almost] Everything we needed to complete the experiments was included, which was a bonus. Kelsey (12) took it to school and they had fun with it at lunch on several days when they inside recess. Great for science fair quickies. Heather Munro

We learned a lot with this book. There was a lot of reading involved and I needed to help the kids with it so they did miss out on some of the background stuff but really what they cared about where the experiences. We did lots of experiments, and our favourite was the Ivory Soap one. I asked the kids what they thought would happen when I put the soap in the microwave. No one was able to predict what would happen, I had read the book and even I would not have guessed how absolutely cool this experiment is. I won't ruin it for you if you have not done this, but WOW! It is surprising and we ended up asking so many questions about chemistry and the properties of the Ivory soap to react like that! It was awesome. Sebastien (7) still likes to use the Ivory experiment for his bath. We also had fun with the Mentos in the backyard making a geyser. We had so much fun that the neighbours came out to see what we where doing! I feel we learned a lot. They where fascinating experiments and using simple things around the house we where able to amaze ourselves. This was really fun and simple to do. Marie-Lise hache

Manufacturer's Description We asked kids what kind of science experiments they'd like to do, and they said: "Blow stuff up." We asked physicists what youthful esperiences inspired them to become scientists, and they said: "We blew stuff up." We asked parents what they thought about kids and science and blowing stuff up, and they said: "Is it safe?" Sure, blowing up stuff is safe - with this book, that is. It comes with all the special equipment you need to make ordinary ingredients from your kitchen go boom in impressive - yet non-destructive - style. A Geyser Tube and a depth charge make table salt and a bottle of soda into a backyard geyser. A bevy of special balloons turns regular pop into a big 'ol BOOM. And the can o' thousand pops is specially designed to explode again and again and... you get the idea. At Klutz labs, we're dedicated to making the loudest (yet totally safe) booms, the most spectacular (yet totally safe) splats, and the most amazing (yet totally safe) kablooeys. We're all charged up to get...
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