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Play Value 7
Cost Value 10
Design 8
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 10

MONOPOLY Millionaire Deal Game

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Tester Reviews

This is a really fun game. I have been able to teach my 7 year old sister and my mom to play with me. I think this is a great card game and, unlike Monopoly, you can play it in a short period of time and still really enjoy it. Coleman (M10)

The initial instructions indicate "start playing and all will become clear...we promise!". So true. Starting the game off without a clear sense of the rules is somewhat disconcerting and it does take some patience to understand not just the rules, but the strategy. We had to refer to the rules throughout the first few games. The basic tenet of the game is simple, just like the board game of the same name - Get to $1M before anyone else. While our kids (M10; F6) liked the game, it did not compare to the board game version. Younger kids definitely need to be paired with an adult or older child. Kim Moennick

It was tough to get the game started because we didn't understand how it would work without a board and the instructions are a bit complicated. But after playing for a few minutes it all comes together. The cards have actions and you do not buy houses like the board game. We played with two players and I imagine it would be quite different playing with three. It was quick to 1 million so we altered the game to play until all are cards dealt. The game is not based on luck....players must strategize. Scott McGillivray

Manufacturer's Description


It's a brand new way to play the classic property trading game! Be the first in this card game to get a million dollars in your bank pile and win MONOPOLY Millionaire Deal! Pick up cards when it's your turn and play any combination of Money, Action and Property cards. Don't hesitate to steal a property or set of properties from another player if you get the right action cards, but hang on to the Just Say No card in case someone tries to do the same to you! Build up property sets, gather piles of money and keep wheeling and dealing to make that million!

Win the MONOPOLY Millionaire Deal card game by making a million dollars! Earn and swap properties and charge other players rent! Steal properties or sets of properties from other players when you get the right Action card! Just Say No card protects you from other players' thefts!


User Comments
Adult Comment
Jawahir Deen, PArent
I (or my kids) own this toy
I bought it 2 weeks back for my kids ..for tehir school holidays..i also ended up being addicted to it...and my wife and my kids except for my teenage daughter... To reach a million is interesting...dont take so long compared to the monopoly board game which we normally take 3 to 4 hours.... Comments: the rental indicated all players to pay...this makes it too easy to win...too we change it to choose 1 player only.... if only 2 playing..good to make it to 2 million.