Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 8
Design 9
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 10
Educational Value 10
Safety 10

PathWords™ Jr.

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Model:Item #3640
Editor's Review

Like the original 12+ Pathwords game, solving these word puzzles is a matter of searching through the letter grid to find the word shapes to match the translucent tetris-like pieces you're trying to fit into the grid space. But the words you're looking in tihs version offer an easier vocabulary, better suited to six year olds. And if some of the words are still a little too challenging for your child, we offer the same tip: provide your child with a master list of words to use as a reference. You can even be a little tricky about it: include a few extra words not on any of the puzzles, and leave out a number of the commeon words that are. Since they don't know which words might be in any given puzzle, you aren't really giving hints to solve the puzzle, so much as bringing your child up to speed with the vocablary - especially if you also tell them what the unfamiliar words mean. A great learning opportunity and an excellent collection of word puzzles.

Tester Reviews

Even though this is for younger kids, the last few puzzles where fun for me to do. I want to play the older version of this game. Geneviève (F12)

The beginning puzzles where very very easy, but they were fun to do anyways. It's always fun to solve puzzles. The expert levels really made me think, I loved it! What you are looking for are not spelled words but rather you have hints that you have to find the answers in the maze of letters. I really like this game. Andrew (M11)

All 4 kids ( F12, M10, F9, M8 ) could play with this game. My 8 yr old daughter is learning English and this was a great way to improve her vocabulary. My son ( Kaï 8 ) is unable to write in English yet, but he could play the first puzzles since it was only a seek and find. The harder puzzles need a child to know and spell the word, so it was better suited to Mia (F9). The last puzzles didn't have any hints, so Genevieve (F12) and Sébastien (M10) had fun with them. It is wonderful on drives and since it's so compact you can take it anywhere. Marie-Lise Hache

Manufacturer's Description

The “Tetris Meets Word Search” Puzzle for Young Players. This clever word search puzzle brings the fun of our popular PathWords game to younger players! Players exercise verbal and spatial reasoning as they place Tetris-style puzzle pieces onto the challenge grid so the letters under each piece spell a word. PathWords Jr. engages young players and builds vocabulary skills with clever graphic hints and funny word play. An ideal game to instill a lifelong love of word puzzles and logic games.

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