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The Sci or Fi Files™

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True or false…  A March 2011 earthquake in Japan changed the length of our days. Or, what about… Today’s drinking water is yesterday’s dinosaur urine. This little cardboard filing cabinet is full of interesting tidbits you never knew, or maybe just never thought about. And the ture/false question style means the game doesn't have the same frustration factor often experienced with other trivia games that ask questions about stuff you neither know or care about. For the most part, the game focuses on general knowledge questions. And we like that you’re educated as well as entertained.  Each T/F statement features an information blurb on the backside of the card to expand on the True/False answer. That means you not only know that the March 2011 earthquake actually did change the length of our days (surprised?), you also know what made our days a fraction of a second shorter.

Tester Reviews

Some of these questions are so bizarre, like Left handed people have more allergies than right-handers. How can that be true! And our tongues have unique thumb prints... I am some glad the police only check our fingerprints! My favorite section is the Unclassified questions, they are the weirdest. Geneviève (F12)

A more relaxed, enjoyable way to see how much you really know. Got surprised more than once by things that I thought were true or not true and were in reality the other way around. The questions remind me of fun facts, except you need to guess what's fact and what's fiction. The game was much shorter than one would expect - it ended very quickly - so we changed the rules to be that in order to win, you need double the default amount. Hindi (F19)

I really like this game, it has all sorts of weird questions, some of them I can't guess right even after looking at the answers before we play. My sister Geneviève ( 12) likes that I can't change my mind before we read the answer but no where is it said that I can't try to remember the most answers as possible! Sebastien (M10)

I found the game enjoyably challenging ,but I feel the game could be more fun by putting more humor in this 'guess or know' sort of game much like 'apples to apples'. Edward (M14)

Great way to pass on learning. I wish I would have learned some of this at school so I could have had a leg up on the kids, but I was mostly guessing and sometimes the most plausible answer was not the right one. I like the way it is separated in the file folder, it's well organized and easy to start to play. Since there is no game board we where able to play around a campfire and at a hotel room. The game is really portable. I like games we can play while we're driving. Marie-Lise Hache

There are a good variety of interesting questions (including open-ended ones--harder to score). The cards stay very neatly within the filing cabinet box. The only downside is that the cards are finite and I can see a time when we've gone over them enough times for everything but the open-ended questions not to be a challenge--but that would mean we know so much more! Gold Wiseman

I'm not a big game player but I liked this one. The questions where well written, sometimes there where 2 plausible answers. It was intriguing. Daniel Hache

Manufacturer's Description

Test your knowledge of science truths with this set of 480 strange science statements! Includes 200 double-sided cards with fun facts and scientific explanations 32 score chips and 18 answer cards in file-cabinet box. For 2–6 players. Grades 5+

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