Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 8
Design 8
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 8
Safety 9

Easy Steer Sportster

In Stores
Age:18-48 months
MSRP:$89.99 ca
$69.99 us

Summary Comments

Never mind the stroller or the wagon when we go for walks now, it's automatically the sportster. Also, what is so great about this little vehicle is that it has the option of "swivel". Therefore, you can easily turn corners when you go for walks. Simply love it and so does my son (2) and neighbors !  Annie Deveau

Our son Henry, 23 months, absolutely loves getting in and out of this car, and driving around the neighbourhood in it while pretending to steer and honk the horn. I must say that I am quite impressed myself in that it drives smoothly and is easy to steer. I also like that the handle is high enough for my husband and I to push comfortably as we are quite tall. My only complaints are that this car was rather tricky and time consuming to assemble but was well worth it! I also have a concern with the safety as my son was able to reach down and touch the wheels while we were walking which could cause injury. Kate Smith

This toy has given us the opportunity to go for a long walk again. My son (23m) was no longer tolerating his stroller, but he loves this car and has started enjoying riding along while we walk! My son loves to fasten his own seat belt and play at steering with his wheel. He also insists on putting his cup in the holder and filling the other small compartment with snacks. Kim Greenwoo