Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 10
Play Value 10
Cost Value 9
Design 9
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 10

Creative Cooks Kitchen

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MSRP:$251.99 ca
$199.99 us
6 x AA (Not Included)
2 x AAA (Not Included)
Tester Reviews

I am putting lots of spices in my meals and I am also talking on the phone. Did you know there is a telephone in my kitchen? I can even dial on it and talk while I make a meal. Mackenzie (F4)

Great kitchen!! My daughters (F2, F4) love that there is a pet area and have been having fun feeding their puppies and kittens while they cook. The fridge and freezer hold a lot and the sink is very large. My youngest (F2) has been having a lot of fun washing dishes with the towel and can reach the microwave, which we thought would be too tall for her. My eldest (F4) enjoys putting the food pieces we have in the fridge, spinning the spice rack and cooking on the bubbling stove. I like the extra storage and the spice rack, as well as the cupboard for dishes.  Krista McMurchy

There are plenty of interative ways to play, the kitchen is big enough to accomodate quite a few children and the kitchen is quite stable. Olivia (f6) s