Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 8
Play Value 9
Cost Value 8
Design 8
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 8
Educational Value 8
Safety 10

All Around Easel for Two

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MSRP:$49.99 ca
$39.99 us
Tester Reviews

I like using the magnets to make a house for my person, and they can ride the school bus too. I can use the letters to spell my name! Madilynn (F4)

Cole (M4) really liked the shapes that are part of the magnetic set included and used these to create pictures. The easel has a number of different work areas: a chalk board, white board and clip for adding sheets of paper. I was initially disappointed that neither chalk nor markers for the whiteboard were included so that the easel could be used right out of the box. I ended up purchasing some dry erase crayons for the board and sidewalk chalk for the chalkboard, as I couldn't find multiple colors in the smaller size chalk pieces. For drawing and writing, Cole (M4) definitely used the chalkboard more than the whiteboard, although he did enjoy placing the shapes on the magnetic whiteboard to make little scenes (there are people, car, rocket, sun, moon shapes, etc.). I have also used it to create short words that he can discover and try to read. The set of letters is fairly good with multiples of the more commonly used letters, but there were not enough to fully spell simple things like Happy Birthday or other short phrases. Over all though, this wasn't a huge problem as the missing letters could be written right onto the board. The structure is solid, however I found Cole has to hold onto the top of the easel when he's drawing so it doesn't slide across the hardwood floor. This is not a toy that Cole went back to regularly, although, it did come in handy in his play area on a number of different occasions. I also noticed that when he did have friends over to visit of his age, it was usually the girls that were more drawn to it. This is a good basic easel that is easy to put together and clean. It also has three different areas for storing chalk, letters and other markers/crayons which were very handy. Karen Recoskie

Very sturdy easel - not surprising, since it took 2 adults to put together! I like that it has multiple activities, so 2 or even 3 children can play with it together. It would have been nice if it came with some chalk and whiteboard markers to start off with. The trays are great for storing the accessories. Rachel David

Manufacturer's Description

The Step2 Easel for Two is multifunctional and perfect for solo play or play dates! This popular two-sided easel features a metal dry-erase board on one side and a chalkboard on the other giving your child a variety of options.

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