Platinum Choice Award Winner
Overall 10
Play Value 10
Cost Value 9
Design 10
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 10
Safety 10

Crayola Marker Airbrush

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MSRP:$25.99 ca
$21.99 us

Summary Comments

I like that I can use my other markers with it because I have more colors. It's really easy to use and makes really nice drawings. I can do it all by myself, change the markers, pump the pump and hold the stencils. I love this toy! Aliyah (F6)

Love this toy! Crayola really hit the bullseye with this one! All of my children (f 7,5,3 m,9) and their friends have tried and successfully made some great works of art. I really like that you can use other markers with the set. This would make a great gift. Kendra Dunlop

This toy is an amazing step up from the Crayola Color Wonder Airbrush kit that was on the market just a couple of years ago. It is great that we can use any Crayola large tip marker and not just the ones that come with it. It is so easy to use and so much fun. Aliyah (F6) is very proud of her creations. The pump is very easy to use, even my 3 year old has mastered it and it's great that the toy doesn't require batteries, just man power. I haven't been this impressed with a toy in a while. Sylvie Schnubb

Female, 6
I like giving my little brother the job of pumping while I spray. He also likes to help me out. I have made some really beautiful pictures that mommy has hung up on the fridge for everyone to see. It is so easy to do and we don't need the help of mom except when sometimes the markers don't work.See this family's testing journal
Female, 6
I really like how the colour looks on the paper!See this family's testing journal
Male, 11
It's cool, and very easy to use. The air runs out a little quickly, then you have to use your energy to pump it up again.See this family's testing journal
Sylvie Schnubb
Will be buying as gifts for others and recommending to other parents as well. Love the fact that this toy requires no batteries and that you can also use regular Crayola markers as well. Works great and the kids have been creating beautiful scenes with the help of the stencils that were included in the box.See this family's testing journal
Julie Jolicoeur
All of the kids who tested it really seemed to love the effects it created.See this family's testing journal