Seal of Approval
Overall 6
Play Value 8
Cost Value 8
Design 8
Quality 8
Parent Appeal 7
Safety 9

Aero Flixx Deluxe One Player Edition

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MSRP:$17.99 ca
$14.99 us
Tester Reviews


At first it was fun to play, I liked throwing the disk on the target and making the other one fly up. I did some trick shots ( throwing off the stairway, throwing backwards) but then I got bored and I don`t play with it much now. Kaï (M8)

It is very boring and hard. I set it up like it shows in the instructions and i start throwing. I throw at least 23(wich was my record) throws and finally i hit it and the disk doesn't even budge. Chaim (M12)

The disks are cool and it's fun to hit the targets! I don't play with this so much though. Shalom (M7)

I like shooting the targets. I'm good at hitting them. Zachary (M9)

I like it when you throw the disc and it hits the other disc, it flings it up automatically so you know you hit it. Davey (M9)


Kaï (M8) played with this for a bit then when the novelty wore off he didn`t really play much. He did like the idea that he was allowed to throw somthing in the house, that`s a rare occasion. The disks are foam and very soft so thing was damaged. The designs on the disks are well done and the catapult worked fine. Marie-Lise Hache

My boys (9 & 12) like throwing the discs like frisbees. They originally liked setting up the target to shoot at, but it didn't spring every time they hit it, so they got a bit frustrated. It always worked for me, though, so I think it may be a matter of how hard you hit it! The 3-D designs of the discs are really popular as well. Golda Wiseman

The boys (M9, M7) loved to flick the disks and try to hit the target, but soon got bored of playing with it. It's fun, but for the amount of time it entertained the kids, it wasn't worth the price tag. 

Manufacturer's Description

Aero Flixx is an indoor action disc game. The 4 inch discs contain cool 3D images on 1 side and a foam backing on the other. Initially, there are 40 discs to collect and trade. A rubber band powered target is available at which the discs are tossed and a direct hit propels the target 5 - 6 feet in the air. Play indoor disc golf, H*O*R*S*E, shooting gallery, or other precision games using Aero Flixx' 3D throwing discs, target and target launcher.

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