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Spot it! Basic French

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Editor's Review

Like the original Spot It!, this matching game enhances observation skills. But instead of matching just pictures, there are also simple words to match. Decoding the words and matching them to the corresponding image ups the challenge and provides a fun way to practice sight word recognition. The only downside, is that as a game, the need to read the words slowed down reaction time, and meant that better readres had an advantage. Also available in English, with which it is easily combined to make a multilingual game. Perfect for beginning immersion students.

Tester Reviews

This game was a lot of fun. I am in French Immersion so I was excited to read the French words. I am much faster than mom and dad when it comes to spoting the matches. Its very fast and we laughed a lot especially when we were trying to pronounce some of the French words. Isabel (F6)

Love this game! We have two beginner French learners and for an M5 and M7 year old, this game has been the perfect balance of fun and education. We have been testing it two weeks and by now feel confident that our entire family will forever remember the 30 french vocabulary words involved in this game. It's especially fun for children just starting to learn french play against adults with little or no french. My 7 year old knew all the words when we started playing, but my five year old has already caught up (you can easily participate without knowing every word). There are several games to play with the cards, so far we've only played one (about 30 times!). Each card features words and pictures and the object of the game we’ve been playing is to match a picture or word on your card with the corresponding picture or word on the centre card as it’s flipped over. Because there’s a certain amount of luck involved, it’s been a great game to play with children at slightly different vocab levels, where they can all still enjoy the play. Jennifer Fraser

This is a fun game for both adults and kids. This is an educational game that increases reading skills, pattern and sight word recognition, language skills and focus. Spot It! is fast and it requires a sharp eye and quick reflex and it keeps you engaged. Promotes laughter. My six year old daughter had a lot of fun playing the game with her family... This game is travel friendly and my daughter was able to take it in her little purse to visit with her friends and extended family. We went through the vocabulary before staring the games to ensure that she was able to read all the words. Rachel Pond

Manufacturer's Description

Spot it! Basic English boosts emergent reading skills and second language skills while having fun! Players race to be the first to spot matches between a word and its corresponding picture, between two pictures, or between two words. This educational edition of the best selling Spot it! game includes sight words, the most common words in French. Automatic recognition of words builds confidence and speeds literacy development. Parents can play Spot it! Basic French to reinforce learning at home while bonding with their child. Skills: Visual Perception; Focus; Reaction Time; French Vocabulary; Reading Comprehension.