Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 7
Play Value 8
Cost Value 7
Design 7
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 9
Educational Value 8
Safety 10

InnoTab 3S The Wi-Fi Learning Tablet

In Stores
Age:3-9 years
MSRP:$109.99 ca
$99.99 us
Editor's Review

The big news for this years InnoTab 3S is kid-safe WiFi, which translates into more content – all curated by experts. As well, parents will be relieved to learn that the unit now comes with a rechargeable battery pack. VTech's new Kid Connect, which lets the InnoTab 3S communicate with a parent's smart phone, is a very popular feature many parents are looking forward to using with their kids (NOTE: This hadn't been fully set up at thetime of our testing). Fans of past InnoTabs will be welcome all the familiar apps and untilities, including VTech's popular 180 degree rotating camera. Our testers loved the new Innotab as well as they loved earlier versions, but found the WiFi function to be a little slow going. As such, the unit seems best targeted to younger kids, and those who have had less contact with more sophisticated adult tech (like an iPad). 

Tester Reviews

Great upgrades to this version of the Innotab! We have older models and the new base games, browser option and Kid Connect features are very well thought out. I LOVE that this one comes with rechargeable batteries and an a/c adapter (the last two versions did not hve either) - very, very smart choice by VTech! I had technical trouble with Kid Connect when we first brought this home and VTech listened, fixed the problem on their end, emailed me letting me know it was fixed rather than having me contact them again. Fantastic service and geared with busy parents in mind! Krista McMurchy

My daughter (5) enjoyed playing with this tablet although we were only able to play the one game cartridge that came with it and the one free download. No pre-loaded games, but once connected online, one free game out of many choices (worth 4.99). Other games/e-books, etc, range from 2.99$ to 27.99$. - one cartridge comes in the package which has one e-book, one game and one art project. The camera and video functions are great and easy for my daughter to use, as well as the art studios. While we were able to set up the Wifi connection, the browser was very slow. Tried several times to do the connection with our Iphone but the software would not download. Tried every which way and the software to the computer would not work for the connection. Main complaint my daughter (5) had was that she could not lean the tablet on a stand. Its sleek looking, user friendly, good instructions. Fantastic that it comes with rechargeable battery packs. The wifi aspect enables the user to search for games directly on the tablet as opposed to having to connect to a computer with the software, which is a plus. We have yet to test the messaging function and Iphone connection. Cathy Maltais

I really wished I could have loved the Innotab 3. The tactile screen is not very sensitive and it works better with the included pen. Really easy to set up the wi-fi, it got on my home network in a snap and discovered my neighbors network. But it takes forever to load anything, the camera is