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HEXBUG Nano® V2 Gravity Defying Micro Robotic Creatures - Black Hole

Innovation First Intl.
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MSRP:$59.99 ca
$49.99 us
2 x LR44 (Included)
Tester Reviews

This is Awesome! OK to build the track it was kinda difficult, the instructions weren't helpful, it was better looking at the box and copy what they had. The track stays together quite well and apart from a few areas that the bugs snag the track flows well. I like making races between the bugs, see which one will find it's way up the maze. I much prefer this set to another one we had where the hex bugs would just go in a circle... OK this is still kinda a circle but it's up and around and down, so it's much more fun to see. Sebastien (M11)

We've had hex bugs before but this track is the best yet! it is really fun to watch them climb the walls. there are times that they get stuck going up th