Seal of Approval
Overall 7
Play Value 6
Cost Value 8
Design 9
Quality 8
Parent Appeal 9
Educational Value 9
Safety 10

Fisher-Price Chatter Phone™ Talking Game

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MSRP:$24.99 ca
$19.99 us
Model:Product: 30575
3 x AAA (Not Included)
Tester Reviews

Game #1 is my most favorite game, it's the one where I have to find the right number. I like playing with mom best because I always win against her. When I play with my big sister, she always wins. She's too fast! I like playing this game, it's so easy. But sometimes I don't know what's happening because the phone tells me I'm wrong, but mom tells me I'm right. Malik (M4)

Great take on reinventing the chatter phone. We really like what's been done to improve it and make it more fun for little ones, while learning at the same time. Creative way to teach numbers, animal sounds and how to follow directions. Both kids (M4 & F7) enjoyed playing the game hoping to collect more cards than the other. Very easy to understand, when you turn it on, the phone rings and as you answer, it tells you to pick a number from 1 to 4, thereby choosing which of the 4 types of games you want to play (ie, number recognition, animal sounds, a mix of both...) I really like how all game pieces can be stored under the phone so you don't lose anything. Even though both my kids know their numbers and animal sounds, they really like playing this game. I love how they're found a fun way to innovate the chatter phone all while teaching kids at the same time! Sylvie Schnubb

My daughters (5&3) absolutely adored this toy. It Is very educational. They are learning while playing! Provides hours of fun as it interacts with the children by telling them what card to put and asking them questions. Love this toy! Jacynthe Dubuc

This is a simple learning game that is great because it teaches listening and attention, as well. Lily, 3 1/2, enjoyed trying out each of the 4 game types you can play (number recognition, sounds, and two kinds of mix and match, one involving speed). Though she already knows her numbers, counting, and animal sounds, I liked how the game encouraged attention by asking the child to find the card with the number of animals for each sound they hear. The only downfall so far of the game was that some cards need a lot of jiggling and pressure for the phone to recognize them. Christina Beeson

I wasn't very impressed with this toy - the design and idea of it are great, but the execution is lacking. While I like that the pieces store under the phone very easily, the on/off switch doesn't always work - it takes a few times back and forth to get the phone to switch on. The phone takes a few tries to read some of the cards and it misread 8 and 0 on game #1. The voice is a bit annoying - loud and there is no volume control. My daughter (F3) lost interest fairly quickly - both my kids (F3, F5) and daycare group (M2, M4, F4) prefer playing with the phone when it's off. Krista McMurchy