Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 8
Play Value 8
Cost Value 8
Design 10
Quality 8
Parent Appeal 10
Safety 10

Fisher-Price Little People I-Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System

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MSRP:$29.99 ca
$24.99 us
Model:Product: 3730
3 x AAA (Not Included)
Editor's Review

A great new puzzle-making concept. Our testing kids loved the encouragement this electronic puzzle offers, as well as the games they could play on their puzzles once completed. One sample was not functioning at 100%, but for the most families, the interactiveness of this toy really enhanced the puzzle-making experience. The set comes with two 24-piece puzzles, and additional puzles are sols separately. 

Tester Reviews

I like making the puzzle and then playing the games. I like it when the puzzle tells me I did good! Malik (M4)

Really great puzzles for 3-4 year olds. You get two, 24 piece puzzles in the box, a perfect number of pieces for my 4 year old. More pieces than that and he will get frustrated. Before you begin, you can choose between 3 different modes: 1) the Smart mode which gives the child encouragement as he puts together the pieces of the puzzle and makes a rewarding sound once the puzzle is completed. 2) the Find and Seek mode where the board will ask the child questions and they have to press down on the right piece to give their answer, and then mode 3) the discovery time game which is a game where for example the board will ask the child to press on different as fast as they can when they hear the object's sound. Super interactive, lots of fun and offers great encouragement for little kids just starting out making puzzles. Sylvie Schnubb

We need more puzzles like this one ! My son loved to make the puzzle and was excited every time he was being congratulated. Then playing games with his masterpiece afterwards was even more rewarding for him. Annie Deveau

Lily (3.5) got this toy when she was really into puzzles, especially bigger ones (63 pieces), so I thought this would be too easy. Though the puzzle itself wasn't too hard for her, she really enjoyed playing the game afterwards and wanted to build them again and again. Because there are only 2 small puzzles (24 pieces), this doesn't have the greatest long term appeal. More puzzles and more variety, or more pieces would help the long term appeal of this. Nothing broke during use, although one puzzle piece did fold up and bend a bit - no different than what could happen to any other jigsaw puzzle piece. Christina Beeson

The puzzles are fairly simple to put together, and the pictures and colours are appealing to my daughter (F3) and daycare kids (M2, F4). The puzzle piece is easy to put in and I like that the puzzles and key are colour coded. Not all the interactions work. We had only about half of the animals on the farm puzzle work, the others had no reaction when the sensor spot was touched. The point of the puzzle is the interaction, so with it not fu