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Air Hogs AtmoSPHERE

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MSRP:$24.99 ca
$24.99 us
6 x AA (Not Included)
Keep your fingers and all other objects our of the Atmosphere. You risk damaging the propeller and/or Fly Bar if they come into contact with an object while spinning.
Tester Reviews

My younger son (9) - who is not as adept as his older brother (11) when it comes to remote control crafts - really liked the atmosphere. There are no remotes, you guide it with your hand or whatever it it's along the way to make it change direction. It flies well enough, the rotor can get caught in loose stringy objects, in our case it was a plastic sheet. The ball turned itself off after a few seconds, presumably when the motor started to strain, which is a good thing cause it would have broken something. Kaï has it in his room, at bedtime he plays with it, making it bounce gently up and down. And, he likes that it matches his blue room. Marie-Lise Hache

I love this flotting ball, i just move it with my hands, it's hard to play catch cause it doesn't go in straight line. Kaï (M9)

It works pretty good, there is no remote control, I have to use my hands to push it around. so it's OK but I don't control where it goes. Sebastien (M9)

Manufacturer's Description

Soar to new heights with the Air Hogs Atmosphere! This powerful levitating sphere requires no remote control and hovers above any surface! Its spherical shape allows the Atmosphere to smoothly bounce off walls and ceilings for non-stop flight. You are the controller with the high-tech hovering power of the Air Hogs Atmosphere!

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