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This cool flying toy may look like an airplane, but it flies like a kite. Made of ultralight plastic, the wings rotate when the wind catches them, providing lots of lift as little pilots zoom it around their heads or soar it high into the sky. We especially like the bold Canadian graphics on the True North model.

Manufacturer's Description AeroKite™ is a wind toy that looks like a plane and flies like a kite. Aerokite has rotating wings that create a motor-like sound and provide excellent lift in all wind conditions. The wing span is 67 cm. (27”) and comes ready to fly with little adjustment necessary. Aerokite is easy to fly, just unroll some line, hold the AeroKite™ high against the wind until both wings rotate rapidly and let it fly. For more flying tips and assembly instructions see our Instructional Videos. The Aerokite™ is suitable for kids ages 5 and up and can be flown in any open space (backyards, beaches, parks, etc.). The recommended wind speed is 15-25km/h (9-15mi/h). Warning! Do not fly Aerokite near overhead power lines, airports, or during thunderstorms. Available in a variety of country themes: Canada (AK003), US (AK001 or AK002), Britain (AK004), Italy (AK005), Germany (AK006) and France (AK007).
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