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Primary Science ViewScope

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Model:LER 2760
Editor's Review

This handy scope, with its detachable on-the-go viewer, offers a whole new perspective to the great outdoors. The 20x magnification offers more detail than a simple magnifying glass, but its a low enough magnification to easily master the challenges facing first time microscope users. Like a microscope, what you see through the lens is an inverted image of your specimen. It still takes a bit of getting used to, but this certainly did not diminish the excitement our play testers had for the daily discoveries of things their eyes never noticed before. Parents love the easy-to-use focus button, the clear plastic specimen case - great for observing aquatic critters, and the white viewing pad that reflects such good illumination there's no need for a finicky mirror to adjust.

Tester Reviews

The microscope makes things look more interesting then when you look at them regularly. I like being able to see the detail of things. I have looked at my fingerprints and Cheerios up close. We also liked looking at things from outside, or toys or printed paper. It lets you see details up close and how printing is made up of dots, but you can't tell when you look at it regularly. Kyle (M7)

It is so cool. If you see something and it's really small, like a little spot on a leaf so you can't really see it, if you put it in the microscope it is huge and it's like you're inside it and you can see everything. There are so many things we can look at. Today we looked at a piece of carrot and some hair from my hair cut. Ian (M6)

My favourite time we used this was when we looked at a really tiny centipede and under the microscope he looked like a big slimy caterpillar. There is nothing hard about using it and we just take it with us even on a bike ride because it goes right in my backpack. Awesome! Gram (M7)

I love looking at the feathers. They look so different. I love how sand looks like diamonds. Tara (F7)

I like thinking of all the different things I can look at. I looked at Lego and petals and Spider-Man and leaves. Autumn (F4)

I put sand in it and Lego pieces and other stuff too. I like that I can put things in the container and focus by turning the handle to see really tiny things like LEGO heads. You just have to cover one eye with your hand and you look in the hole to see the objects. I like the green colour and also that it comes off and it's like a telescope. It's a cool. Tiago (M5)

Look at the worm moving. I can't see the little bugs in the container. Nathan (M3)

I want to look at (my brother)'s Cheerio! Why are there holes all over it? It looks so different up close! Lily (F4)

What a great idea! This child-friendly nature microscope is a 10+ toy from both the kid-testers and parents in this family. There was no set-up required, and after some parent assistance with the initial focus, between "specimens" my five year old could handle the small amount of focus adjustment required on his own. Both boys (6 & 7) have had non-stop fun using this on exploring adventures around the backyard and family hikes, viewing everything from centipedes to small pinecones with success - and calling everyone over every time there was a new discovery so they could be just as impressed with close-ups of nature. Because it has no built-in light it works best outdoors. It comes with one petri-style specimen dish so they collected crawling insects, sand, small pieces of food, fingernails... The magnification is impressive - far more microscope and less toy than I was expecting. Definitely a fantastic way to inspire budding scientists to discover the natural world. An awesome summer toy and would be great in a classroom too. Only drawbacks - would love a second petri dish - it is clear and has been misplaced several times. Also the area of the microscope where you place your specimen is the only non-plastic part of the Viewscope, instead is covered with heavy stock coated cardboard and unfortunately warped a little when swamp water was spilled on it. Jennifer Fraser

This is an awesome toy. The kids (M2, M4, F5, F7) loved to play with this! And as a homeschooling parent I was in love with it.  It was a great tool to help with our science curriculum. We analyzed feathers, sand, pond water, an egg shell and more. I love how the view finder can be removed and moved around freely to view larger or immovable items. It's pretty small and easy to tote around yet pretty tough. Great to help kids foster a love of science! Shannon Carneal

Lily (4) was very excited to try out this "microscope", and it's a great learning toy for kids her age. She has looked at a number of things in it, including her baby brother's cheerio, a grape vine, and a leaf, flowers, sticks, etc. up close and see how they look different. It's a great way to enhance learning from a science perspective for young children and get them excited about how different everyday things can be under a microscope. She needed a bit of help to focus in on the object and hold it steady so it didn't move, but she enjoyed looking through it. Christina Beeson

This is a good durable first microscope. I loved having a toy that let my kids examine things more closely and I like how the scope detaches and you can wander around with it. It's easy to adjust the focus to be able to see things. We have kept it at the breakfast table and every morning the kids and I choose things to look at and share with each other. Fingers and plants were the more interesting things for them to look at. It makes me want to see even more detail. It's a good first microscope and makes me look forward to perhaps having a more detailed microscope with slides where you can press specimens between plates. It definitely gives kids a taste of what using a real microscope is like. Allison Munro

My son (5) couldn't wait to break this toy out of the package to start exploring. It is leading to some interesting 'scientific' discussions. It's so different than the usual toys and allowed for full creative play. He could explore and discover things on his own without rules or restrictions. The microscope is very durable and easy to use. I especially liked that it didn't require batteries and could be used right out of the box. A great toy for all young explorers. Susn Chaves

This is a great first magnifying scope. Its very durable and child-friendly and both my 7 year old daughter and 3 year old son were excited to start the exploration right away. But I am not so sure about the manufacturer's age recommendation. We had to explain the functionality of the viewscope to my son and he was more interested in catching bugs in the specimen container than actually viewing it. He had trouble actually focusing through the viewscope. The viewer is detachable from the base which is a great feature and my son seems to prefer the viewer by itself especially for exploring the dirt outside. The idea of turning the knob to zoom in and out was confusing to him at first. He turned the knob farther than it was made to go and even though it made the clicking noise it didn't break, so definitely durable. My seven year old daughter on the hand was able to use the viewscope and appreciate its purpose. Their favourite was looking at a worm through the scope. Rachel Pond

Manufacturer's Description

Get kids discovering and exploring with a science tool designed for little hands! Features simple magnification and a clear case for viewing specimens. Great for familiarizing children with the feel of using a microscope.

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