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Overall 8
Play Value 8
Cost Value 7
Design 9
Quality 6
Parent Appeal 8
Educational Value 9
Safety 9


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Editor's Review

A great idea for practicing how to write uppercase letters. Out testing families particularly loved taht no paper gets wasted. Our only concern is durabiilty of the unit: some of the little magnetic balls tended to get stuck, and others stopped staying "up" after a few uses. 

Tester Reviews

I like practicing my letters and it's easier for me to write now, but want to practice lower case ones. Maja (F5)

This toy is cool because you don't have to draw on real paper. You just connect the dots and it writes for you. Tiago (M5)

I like to write the letters in my name first and then the other letters in the alphabet. S is my favourite letter. Siobhan (F3)

I wrote all the letters! (while jumping up and down) Simon (M3)

I like pushing the balls with the pen. I like the letters. Sometimes it gets stuck. Sara (F3)

My son, age three, is interested in this toy, although not really drawn to it, but it's a great distraction for my 3 year old son when we are in the car or at a restaurant. It was an instant hit anytime it was brought out in front of other children. Seems like children of any age like to move the pen over the letters to have to little beads pop up. What is best about this game is that it is really portable; we brought it to the restaurant, the cottage, and used it in the car. It's a great way for us to talk about letters and the alphabet while it keeps his hands busy. Kim Greenwood

F3 and F5 enjoyed using this table to practice writing uppercase letters. F5 said she would have liked a tablet for lowercase letters too as she has more difficulty with that. Better if stylus was attached to the tablet with a string as it is easy to lose. Sometimes, they just enjoyed pressing the little balls down in the holes. Sandra Wong

A great learning tool. My children M6 and F3 both really enjoy this retro educational toy. It allows them to master the motor skills required to write by using the stylist. It's harder for my daughter to follow the arrows, but she enjoys seeing the magnet balls stick up to the surface. They both enjoyed the clicking sounds of the magnets and pressing the balls down again. Susan Chaves

The concept of the Magnatab is great, and the boys (M4, M3) are really excited about it. But not all of the balls stay up as you write the letters, which is a bit disappointing to them. Also, they prefer to pull the balls up one at a time, which defeats the purpose of learning to write letters. They do love pushing the balls back down. Renée Roy-Duncan

The toy has a lot of potential, but it just didn't work properly. I thought that my kids (M5 and F3) would be able to just use the stylus like a regular pen and basically trace the letters to make the balls come up as they go, but the stylus keeps slipping off the letters! Each magnetic ball had to be pushed individually, and even then, after using a few times, the balls got stuck. We couldn't just write over the letters like the instructions would have us believe. That means that instead of the toy being good practice for writing the letters, my kids totally lose the bigger picture and just press each magnetic ball. They do have fun with it, though. They especially enjoy pushing the magnetic balls down. Wendy Krakowski

Manufacturer's Description

Kids writing their first letters will get helpful up, down and sideways instructions via easy-to-follow arrows. A magnetic stylus pulls beads up to create solid lines. Erases with the tip of a finger.

Includes: Magnetic Board and Pen

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