Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 9
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Educational Value 8
Safety 10

RATUKI Card Game

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$9.99 us
Editor's Review

There's no boring wait for your turn in this game. All players are part of the chaotic frenzy to rid your cards by stacking them in numerical sequence - up or down - on the centre piles. The twist to this game is that numbers are depicted in five different ways: numerals, die faces, Spelled words, Roman numerals, and the number of fingers showing on a hand. Numbers are spelled out in English and Spanish, but not French, which posed an added challenge for our Francophone testers, as did the Roman numerals for kids who hadn't seen them before. A fun game, with just enough of a recognition challenge to add a little brain work, too.

Tester Reviews

I really like this game. It's easy to win if you move quickly and pick up cards often. I want to play this game all the time. I sometimes get the numbers mixed up when I see the roman numerals or hand numbers. We sometimes hurry too much, so put the wrong card on, which makes it even more fun.- Nadia (F9)

Great game; easy to understand. Fun fast pace card game - a much better version of the card game speed. The concept is very easy to grasp, so both my cousin who is 8 and my grandma who is 86 can play. The more people you are, the more fun it is. The fast pace of the game is what we enjoyed the most. A game you can take out and play with anybody. - Ann Lemire

Manufacturer's Description Hasbro Description: RATUKI is the new card-slamming family frenzy card game where the first to five wins. It is quick to learn, easy to play and addictive fun for everyone. Using different number displays, including numbers and dice, players race to build piles of cards from 1 to 5. The first player to slam a 5 on top of the pile, shouts “RATUKI”! and wins the cards. The player who collects the most runs of five wins! Original Product Description: Ratuki (re-too-kee) is the fast fast flippin', quick grabbin' fun family card game where 2 to 5 players simultaneously race to unload their cards by playing on shared ascending/descending stacks. If you like speed, you'll love the fun frenzied excitement of Ratuki! Contents: 5 decks of Ratuki cards (175 cards in total), and instructions in English & Spanish.
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