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Crib and Floor Mirror

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Model:Model #80030
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Whether baby is reaching for the corner toys, or gazing at his mirrored reflexion, this is a great toy to add extra interest during tummy time play, which keeps him playing longer as he strengthens his back and neck muscles.

Manufacturer's Description

Large safety mirror with a true reflection allows baby to focus. Babies have a strong preference for human faces, even at birth. Textural caterpillar and ladybug offer touch exploration. High-contrast ball that newborns can bat at, aiding in the development of visual perception as well as cause & effect. Symmetrical bee inspires vision and encourages touch. Easelback supports mirror on floor and elastic straps provide easy attachment to crib.

Developmental Insights: Although babies have limited vision at birth, they show a clear preference for bold patterns, bright colors and faces. This is well-suited to provide just the right amount of stimulation without overwhelming. Mothers seem to instinctively realize their little one's limited range as they tend to hold their babies about 8 inches from their face.

Interaction Ideas: Hang the crib and floor mirror on baby's crib to encourage reach. Point to her reflection and describe what she is seeing. Babies love to look...

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