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Ring Rattle

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MSRP:$8.99 ca
$7.99 us
Model:Model #80017
Editor's Review

Bold black and white graphics add visual interest with a stylish splash of blue/green colour. Rattling rings and beads are useful for playing the 'locate the sound' game.

Manufacturer's Description

Multiple textures offer variety of touch. High-contrast polka-dots and stripes help develop visual skills

Ring shape is easy for baby to clutch. Rattle is lightweight enough for newborn baby. Center clear section presents moving beads for visual tracking.

Developmental Insights: At birth babies sense of touch is the most developed in his or her mouth. Babies are better able to feel with their mouth than with their hands or fingers. This sensitivity to touch in the face region continues beyond age five.

Interaction Idea: Hold the rattle close to baby's face allowing her to focus on the high contrast back & white. As baby grows, offer Ring Rattle to baby to grasp. The circular form makes it easy for baby.

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