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Soothe 'n Groove Mobile™

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Age:0-24 months
MSRP:$69.99 ca
$54.99 us
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The mobile of choice for music loving babies, this unit features two high quality speakers and plays 40 minutes of non-repeating music -  18 different tunes in six different musical styles: jazz, world, nature, classic, lullaby and white noise. 

Manufacturer's Description

This uniquely designed musical mobile offers babies a selection of 18 different tunes in 6 separate categories. Babies and parents too, will certainly enjoy the variety. Once baby is on the go, the mobile can be converted into a fun music box that toddlers will love carrying around. The Soothe 'n Groove has 2 high quality speakers, up to 40 minutes of continuous non-repetitive music and unique music shuffle button. Baby will surely be content watching the unique patented movement and calming night light. As baby grows into a toddler, the stand-alone music box will grow with them for endless fun.

FEATURES: Endless choice of melodies - 18 different tunes in 6 music categories. Grows with your baby - from mobile-crib to stand-alone portable music box. Unique design with two high-quality speakers. Calming night light and baby-activated button.

0-3 months: Enjoy as a regular mobile with added musical value and variety. Play the unique "white sounds" option to your newborn...

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