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Overall 8
Play Value 8
Cost Value 7
Design 8
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 10
Educational Value 10
Safety 10

Super Genius

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Age:5+ to 8+
MSRP:$15.99 ca
$12.99 us
Editor's Review

Way more fun than traditional flash cards! This new line of educational matching games plays like the classic Spot It! games designed with a matching algorithm to ensure that for each card there is a match to every other card in the deck. In the math games, players match the equation on one card to the correct answer on another. In the Reader games words are paired to pictures. We love that the words are carefully chosen as simple phonetic words that appear frequently in childrens' literature.

Tester Reviews


We have the addition and the first reading card packs. I really like to do the additions and try to find the correct answer in the other card. I play alone, but I like to do it as fast as I can. It is cool that there is always a correct answer in the answer card, just a different one. MacKenzie (F7)


Fun card games. The box is easy to open and close, and does not have a lid, it is all attached together. This is great for storage, for not having to find lids here and there. Too often flash cards come in regular flimsy cardboard boxes and they break open and you lose cards. Not going to happen with these ones. There are several different games you can play with the cards, all explained in on their own instruction card. Very clearly explained. But, so far my daughter (7) has used these cards as you would regular flash cards, to test her reading and math skills. She takes a card from each and tries to find the match in the other card. She has told me that if she plays with an adult in some of the games suggested, that she would lose cause adults are faster... There is truth in that. I think the games are likely better for kids of the same level to play together. Overall, colourful, fun variation over the traditional flashcards, and good for long term use since several games offered with the same pack of cards. Cathy Maltais

Manufacturer's Description
Super Genius is a new collection of educational matching games developed so that parents and teachers can help their little learners practice important academic concepts in fun and engaging ways! Depending on the version you choose, you will be looking for a match between an image to a word, or a mathematic equation to its product or sum. But the brilliant formula used in these games means that there will always be one and only one match between any two cards.  Super Genius comes with 5 game rules and an infinite potential for use in the classroom and at home -- all in a cute, portable magnetic box.

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