Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 9
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 8
Safety 9

Bright Bead Boutique

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Editor's Review

Great pattenr-making activity. We love how these star-like flower beads snug together to create pixel-like dotted patterns. Instructions included to make stripes, color blocks and even flowered patterns. Tesers were disappointed that the blue threaders didn't work very well, but most had sucess threading the beaeds on directly (just need to keep snipping the end a bit as it frays). The set contains 800+ flower beads in two sizes and eight colours, plus everything else you need to make eight stretchy bracelets and three rings.

Tester Reviews


I like these beads especially because they are easy to get on the string with help from the blue tip. The beads fit close together so they look like it's made in a store...but I did it. I like the golden beads best. Zahra (F7)

I really like that the bracelets and jewellery look unique, I have never made anything that looks like this before. Madeline (F9)

I LOVE THIS!! ( said in a yell) I can be a jewellery designer and make beautiful bracelets. I made a ring and it fits me, and all the beads lock together like a snake. I love my pretty bracelets and ring and I look like a princess with all my bling. Lily (F6)

This was fun but I do not like the bead needle. It keeps breaking and makes it hard to put the beads together. I like doing the beads. They make pretty jewellery and i can give it as a present. I can do it on my own and i did pretty patterns. I love my bracelet and keep making my friends presents. Rose (F7)

I love these bracelets! It's good to learn the patterns like we learn at school. The ring fits good on my finger and I love the diamond bead on it because it makes it look fancy. It was a little bit hard to do because we were following patterns. We taped one end of the elastic to the table so the beads wouldn't fall off the other end. I wear the bracelets all the time. Ava (F7)

Really a neat way to make bracelets. I thought the colours were great and it was easy to follow the directions. I have a lot of material extra that I can use. I don't think I would make necklaces from it. It would take too long. Bracelets are fun to make and I made them following a pattern. Camilla (F10)

I like the coulours and the shapes and sizes of beads, but I can't do it like it says. The thread keeps falling off the needle thing. Mom says I can still use them, but I want to do it like it says on the box. Mackenzie (F7)


A great beading craft. Nice and easy instructions to follow and easy for our 9 year old to create her own jewels. Julie Jolicoeur

The Bright Bead Boutique was a brilliantly fun craft. My daughters (6 and 7) had a blast creating a wide manner of jewellery and gifts. We practiced colour recognition, and patterning while crafting. Very well made beads and bright cheerful colours. The threaders are delicate and the girls prefer to use their fingers instead. Beads are a nice colour and easy to store, the rings are a cute touch. Rikki Munding

Very unique beading system with lots of great bright colours. They are too tiny for my fingers but just right for little girl size fingers. The box and package was a bit frustrating to open without spilling beads everywhere. I like when the box is also some kind of storage. Lisa Gohm

The girls (5 & 7) didn't use the threaders as they found it easier without. There is a nice variety of beads and colours. I had to help with the rings. What I liked the most about this bead craft is the various patt