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Flower Crowns

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Fun to make and pretty to wear. Very popular with our little testers who loved wearing them and having flowers in their hair when they went out, or just for playing around the house. The kit includes everything you need to make pretty flowered headbands for you and three friends. Great accessories for the dress up box. 

Tester Reviews


I love love love these crowns, they look just like real flowers! Mia (F7)

It is so hard to decide which flowers to pick to make my crown. The crown is so beautiful. I am so excited to wear this, maybe to school tomorrow? I really liked making this crown and I feel really pretty when I wear it. I like wearing it when we have friends over or if we go out. I take special care of it so it will not get bent. Katie (F7)

This was really fun. I loved the flowers. They all looked so pretty. It was very easy to make - it was step-by-step and that made it easier. I think my crown looks very very very beautiful! Cait (F7)

I had to twist them a lot so the ends didn't poke out. My crown looks beautiful, especially the gold sparkles. Carleigh (F5)


A great all around craft for kids of varying ages. Beautiful little touches like the flowers that look extremely life-like and the great directions made this craft lots of fun to complete. Our 7 and 9 year old along with their 11 year old friend made the crowns entirely by themselves and they look beautiful. Crowns have held up well to being worn daily and look quite realistic. Price point is great, would make a perfect birthday gift. My only issue was with the packaging, a great deal of plastic bags inside the box containing separate pieces. Julie Jolicoeur

Easy and quick to complete project meant that Cait (F7) didn't have to wait long before she had her flower crown in her hair. She struggled a bit with wrapping the flowers tight enough and I had to help a bit with that, expecially to make sure that there were no ends poking out. Stacie Carroll

A fun craft to make and the crowns are absolutely beautiful when complete. The gold sparkle glue really adds to their beauty! We love the colour instructions. I had to teach the girls f7 and f5 to wrap the flowers tight enough around the crown that they weren't hanging, then add glitter glue for sparkles. They were able to complete one crown each in about 10 minutes. They wore them to a birthday party and got a lot of compliments. They pretended to be fairies. I like that it wasn't very complicated and the quality is very good. These have been added to their dress up collection. Tammy Wiseman

My daughter, F7, enjoyed assembling the flower crown and continues to have interest in it. She uses it as an accessory when she dresses up. Her interest is the flower crown is equal or slightly higher than her regular dress up clothes. This accessory is special because she made it and it is different than we have in our dress up bin. Overall, the design of the flower crowns was good. Packaging was a little awkward as you had to untwist some of the flowers from the display case. I had to help my 7 year old get started with the flowers and then she was good. I also had to assist to size the crown for her head. Design booklet was helpful to get ideas. Good quality. The only safety concern is that it is good to have an adult make sure all the wire flowers are secure so no one gets poked with them. Carolyn Richardson

Manufacturer's Description

-Make your own style statement with this season’s hottest fashion accessory

flower crowns

-Fun to make: just twist realistic paper roses, beautiful berry bunches and charming ribbon ivy around the twig bases. Add a little bling with the golden shimmer accent paint included

-Enough materials to make 4 adjustable crowns

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