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Anyone who's done any traditional weaving can appreciate how magically time-saving this loom really is. There can certainly be a bit of a learning curve, as several of our testing familes report, but once you get going, it really is the quickest weaving we've come accross. And we love how adaptable the loom is for different projects - you can weave as long a project as you want, and it's super easy to adjust the width of your project by adding/removing pegs, or even adding a second unit. Similar to traditional stick weaving, but with some design modifications that make the weaving go a lot faster. The pegs are curved at the top to help guide the weft yarn down one side of the peg. As well, the pegs are squared at the bottom end to fit into the base so that the top always points either one way to the other. The Pegs are set up so that the curved tops alternate directions, and flipping the lever rotates the pegs 180 degrees so that the curved tops face the opposite way. To weave,...

Tester Reviews


I made a beautiful purse. I had my mom send a picture. It took a long time but I knew that it would be nice. I was nervous to pull the material off so I got help but the weaving was fun. If I made a mistake I could pull it off and redo that part to fix it. Atara (F7)

I really like this loom, it is so easy to use and when I learned to leave the yarn looser it actually looked good. My first project didn't turn out so well, the yarn was too tight, my mom tried to help and ended up wrecking the whole thing. Usually I don't like to start things again, but the worst part is measuring the yarn, so I didn't mind. Mia (F12)

I liked the scarf I made for my friend for her 10th birthday, but sometimes I got a bit frustrated when my loops would fall off or get tangled and then I had to ask my Mom for help.  Madeline (F9)

I like looming! I made a rug and next I want to make A winter scarf I can wear to school. I want to buy different colours of yarn to use with the loom. I like the idea of joining two together. Zahra (F7)

This activity was not a fast one or one that I could do without thinking. I had to concentrate to make sure I did the right loops and that all my stitching was done right. I liked learning about looms and how they worked. Thank goodness they came up with this one because if I had to use one from the old time I would never finish any kind of clothing project. A really amazing toy for me to learn. I liked it very much. Camilla (F10)

It was cool how easy it is to switch directions of how the loom points with the lever at the bottom. It's easy to remember if you turned it as it's always pointing the way you need to go next. I like the material it comes with. It's all multicolor and soft and looks nice when you put it together. The blanket I made is really soft. I wish I could have made more stuff but I ran out of material. Kyle (M8)

I enjoy using Loopdeloom to make a blanket and a scarf so far. I also let my friend Sofie play with it. It took us a while to read the instructions and set up but once we figured it out and loosen the thread we made this colourful, beautiful scarf. Normally I don't like to wear scarfs but I love this one, as I made it myself! I love the Loopdeloom and I'm looking forward to making other items with it as it is easy. Lydia (F9)


My f7 was very anxious to start with this activity - and opted for one of the more 'challenging' projects. She doesn't have much experience with knitting/weaving other than rainbow loom, but she is very skilled and artistic. She was quickly able to learn the skill - from me reading the instructions and doing a demo - then watching the video online. She worked diligently until her purse was complete!! She sat for a few hours of weaving over a couple of days and didn't require much help - only to remove the strands from the loom to advance it and to help correct a missed stitch. Not only did she learn how to loom, but she got to work on her patience, creativity, and her results paid off - she was very proud of her efforts and the result was beautiful!!! Elyse Sturm

We have tried looms in the past and by far this is the best one. It's easy to use, you don't have to weave the yarn over and under the other yarn, the lettle pegs do it for you by moving the lever. Mia is 12 and likes to do crafts but has no patience. This was easy to do, easy to prepare and after she learned not to hold her yarn too tightly made a decent scarf..ok I somehow doubt it will ever be worn, but she had fun making it. She completed her first craft quickly and moved on to a harder craft after. She would listen to her shows on her ipod and use the loopdeloom at the same time, fun craft! I liked that the loom could be adjusted to smaller or wider crafts by removing/adding posts. Marie-Lise hache

A bit of a learning curve for our 9 year old daughter and I to figure out, not a lot of information on the internet or the manufacturers website to help us out. Once we learned how to run the loom properly our 9 year old was very impressed with the projects she was able to make! But this craft takes some getting used to, that is for sure! Our 9 year old decided to tackle a scarf for an upcoming birthday gift. After consulting YouTube (and not finding a great deal of information from the company's website/YouTube channel) we dove into this one. A few complications arose, we weren't sure how to trouble shoot our mistakes, if we should rip everything out up to the mistake or trim the yarn somehow later to keep the whole project from unravelling. We tried a combination of both, ripping out the mistake and leaving it until the end and then trimming the yarn. Getting the hang of the technique took about 2 hours or so for our 9 year old and after that she was pretty good at it. Trickiest time was definitely when it was time to take the completed section off the pegs and move them, we learned through trial and error that this swicth process needed a parent to supervise that none of the loops got dropped accidentally. Julie Jolicoeur

I think this toy is a brilliant design. I'm happy that my little girl (almost 8) can make items from yarn without having to learn knitting. I like that it comes with colorful yarn but you can always pick up your favourite colours as well from a local craft store. It sounds neat that you can link several looms together to make larger items. Great value and it would make a great gift. It took a bit to figure it out at first. We had loomed until full but had some trouble sliding our work down by removing the pegs. Lisa Gohm

My son recently had tried weaving at school and was keen to try out a bigger project with a better loom. This loom was really easy to use and worked really well. The kit came with just enough material for one item but the material it came with was really pretty and soft and makes a nice finished product. The instructions and video were easy to follow. He did have to start over once as one of the base strings got pulled down into the loom but he was willing to start again. He has made a couple of minor errors but the finished product still looks nice. The hardest part is when you have to push the material down and take the sticks out to make a larger craft as this was the point most likely for things to go wrong. This was a fun loom craft that my son (8) and I both enjoyed and my daughter (4) loves playing with the finished product. If we had the loom for longer we would look at making even more things with it. It was easy to use and the completed product looks great. The yarn that is included is beautiful and we used it all up. We made a blanked for my daughter's toys and she loves it. My son was able to follow all the instructions and finish off the blanket on his own. He was very proud of the work he did. Allison Munro

I opted for a bit more challenging art and craft type of Loom this time as I thought that my daughter will be comfortable with it as she is really good and creative with other Loop crafts - and I was right! Once we read and understood the instructions the set up and execution was quite easy and produced a nice scarf and a blanky. My child is delighted and she uses the Loop by herself and/or with her friend. This instrument delivered everything it promised to do. Marta Wisniewski

This was cool!! Because of this tool we looked up on the web what a loom was and how it made clothing. We learned that in some parts of the world they still use traditional looms to make scarves and clothing!! I think they would want this great toy to help them along the way. My daughter really took a liking to this toy because of how simple it was and how acturate you had to be. She didn't make the bags but did attempt to make the scarf...not bad! Orietta Miranda

Manufacturer's Description

Weave purses and cell phone cases, scarves, wraps, baskets, throws and more. You can weave items any length, and up to 7” wide using one loom. Connect two or more looms together to weave wider items with no seams – genius! Say goodbye to traditional looms, we’re putting a new spin on weaving! Includes 1 spinning peg loom and 120 yards of yarn to get you started. 

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