Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 8
Play Value 8
Cost Value 9
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 10
Educational Value 9
Safety 10

Speedy Words

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Editor's Review

Our testing families enjoyed playing this challenging word game. Parents loved that its quick playing, fun and very portable. WHile our youngest testers could play in  family game, it ws our older 10+ testers who had the most fun. Cards have letters on one side and a category on the other, so when you flip over the top card on the deck you reveal a coloured category. Match it to the same-coloured letter on the newly turned card  to identify the challenge. Your task is to quickly name something in the category (animal, country, famous person, etc.) that starts with that letter.

Tester Reviews


I liked this game because it was fast and fun. You were always trying to think about the next category. Some categories were really easy and some were too hard for me. It was really fun to play but it was harder for me because I played with my older brother (13) and his friend and my Dad. They could come up with words really fast, but I think I will get quicker and quicker the more I practice. Meaghan (F9)

Speedy words is a fun game to play and the instructions are easy to follow. I like that there are different categories, because it makes it more challenging to think of something fast. The more people faster and better, although it is fun with less people too.  Aleeza (F13)


This is a quick game that was fun to play and has the kids yelling out the funniest guesses. Works well with 2 people but better with 3 or 4. We adjusted the categories a little bit for ones that my daughter (13) was not as familiar with so the playing field would even out a bit more. Joyce Shane

Some categories are more difficult than others especially for younger children (ie. cities, countries and plant/trees). Overall, a fun game. This is a fast thinking game that is easy to understand and play. There are a number of categories (animals, cities, countries, famous people, professions, objects, plant/trees, food, male/female names and tv series/film) on one card and 3 different letters on the opposite side of the card. The cards are colour coded and when the category is known, the letter card is turned over and the participants must be the first to guess the category with the appropriate letter. Kim Moennick

Manufacturer's Description

A fun card game containing 10 categories and the letters of the alphabet. Be the first  to find a word in a certain category, matching the letter on tyhe card you flipped. Be fast and prove to everyone you are the WordMaster! To Play: Place the deck of cards in the center of the table, category side up. Each player, in his turn, flips the top card from the deck and places it next to the deck, letters side up.  Each letter appears in a different color. Note that only one of the letters matches the color of the category that appears on the top card of the deck.  The first player to call out loud a word starting with the letter that matches in color to the category, wins the round and takes the card.  The winner of the game is the player that collected the most  cards when only one card is left in the deck.

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