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Klutz Prankster Magic

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I know it is so good because I keep using the tricks! The magic tricks were great to play on the kids at school and now I just teaching other people how to do the tricks too. I am not sure what my favourite is. There are a couple I haven't even done yet, I thought they might be hard, but maybe I'll try some now. Every kid likes tricks but it's really more fun because you can play these on adults and if you practice a lot they don't know how you did it. Gram (M9)

My favorite tricks are the coin sandwich, dizzy deck, I can read your mind and spell check. I also liked that there was some stuff that were not magic tricks like the elbow drop. I also thought the grocery labels at the back were funny. I really like the card tricks and how to Palm coins and the how to read your mind games. I'm not so interested in the fake gum because I don't want someone to think its real gum and eat it. I was able to read the steps and do the tricks myself. Kyle (M8)

My favourite part was leaving the fake gum in funny places. Then my Mom would find it and leave it on my pillow or my dinner plate. Madeline (F9)

This book was cool and interesting. I was reading it so much to find cool tricks to show my friends at school. I would practice it at home for a bit and then I would bring all kinds of tricks to school. Some of them worked well and some weren't the best. I was interested in learning all about them. My friends thought the gum was cool. I actually scared my teacher she thought it was gross when I put it on her table. The class had a laugh. Andrew (M8)

I've only read a little of this, but I really like it. The cards are kinda neat - get 50% off everything, vip. I also tricked my grandpa with fake gum. So far I did one card trick. Evan (M8)

The book is neat because it has a lot of different pranks you can do and the pictures are good. Some of the tricks are too easy and some I didn't feel like trying.  Blaze (M8)

I tried the card trick 'I can read your mind'. It says to put the cards in an order you know so when you look you know what one is missing. It worked. I also tried the quarter snatching. I already knew how to do this. You put a quarter by your elbow and then swing and catch it. I did the 'toxic pants' coin trick too. The pictures were good and helped me understand it. In general, the pictures are more useful than the written explanations. I find that the (written) instructions are not very detailed. They should put more tricks in the book, there are really not that many. Jack (M10)


This was a great magic book for kids wanting to learn some intro card and coin tricks. The tricks were well explained with clear text and illustrations making it easy for my 8 yr old to follow the instructions. He really loved some of the tricks and memorized them to show off to his friends. He thought the fake labels were funny but didn't end up using them. He was less interested in the fake gum as he thought people might be sad to be tricked with fake gum. Overall I would recommend this book to any kid looking for some good into to magic tricks that were easy to do. Allison Munro

Our 9 year old daughter enjoys magic and learned a few new tricks from this book, she particularly enjoyed playing pranks on her friends and family. Julie Jolicoeur

This is a great little book that kept my son 8 really interested. Any book that can help promote reading and following directions at this age is wonderful. My son has really tried to master his tricks, the one's with coins is his favourite but he is constantly trying to get people to watch him as he preforms. It is nice to see. The fake gum is his altimate favourite. Very typical boyish fun!! He says he has scared teachers with this gum too! It is realistic from a distance. I like the set up of the book and the way it simply explains the tricks. Easy for an 8year old to follow. Orietta Miranda

Very fun little book of prankster jokes that seems full of "thinking" classic tricks that M8 really enjoys learning, and then astounding his audience with. He used a couple of them for a talent show in his class. A room full of 8 year olds approve and want to learn the magic tricks too! I also liked the durability of the book, with the spiral binding, for several weeks he was carting it around in his backpack and around the house - it is still in very good shape. The front cover even has a built in spot for fake gum. Jennifer Fraser

I was delighted that my kids were initially so interested that they couldn't put the book down. The gag/jokes with the chewing gum were virtually constant, then the novelty wore off. Quickly. Tara Roy-DiClemente

I thought Blaze m9 would be more interested in this book. He used the fake gum the first day only and tried a few of the simpler card and coin tricks but it wasn't of interest to him. He did say he knew about some of these already and that the pictures helped the instructions. I believe this to be a great starter book for kids who like to do tricks and magic. A coin and a deck of cards could be easily included with the book but are also usually readily available at home. Tammy Wiseman

Jack (M10) was not that keen on this book. He loved magic a couple of years ago and created show after show for every family gathering. Perhaps his magic phase is over?! The tricks he did from this book worked well and he got a chuckle out of some of the cards at the back. He wasn't interested in the fake gum. Jennifer Young

Manufacturer's Description

There's a reason Klutz's magic books have sold like, well, magic, with more than 3.5 million books in print. We think it's because the pure joy of wowing a roomful of onlookers with some deft, old-school magic is still the greatest thrill around for a kid (and, ahem, some adults). That's why we've created Prankster Magic, a fool-your- friends book of tricks that combines all-new material with the best from out-of-print books such as Coin Magic, No-Practice Magic, and Card Trickery. Written in the notorious Klutz Immaturity voice, this book includes sections on coin tricks, card tricks, and (how did you know?) mind reading. These are easy pranks and quick tricks - no hokey hocus-pocus, no need to borrow someone's rabbit - just the sweet spot between mischief and amazement!

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