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Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 9
Design 10
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 10

Imaginista™ Dot’n Jewel

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Tester Reviews


My friend Sophie (F6) and I liked this craft a lot because there is glitter and it is fun to get glittery. Mia (F7)

i like doing this kind of craft and this was lots of fun to finish. The people had beautiful dresses that blinged by the time I finished. I feel like an artist designing my own colourful clothing with beautiful designs. It was easy to use and squeeze. I was able to complete the project with no help from mom. it doesn't take to long to make the design. you just have to make sure to set it aside to dry for a bit so you don't ruin the dress you make. I worked with a friend and we had plenty of stickers to finish and we had left overs too. I can use them in my scrapbook that I am making. I don't put the art supplies that are extra in the garbage. It is always good to use. I didn't figure out where I will display my work but the pictures are beautiful. Camilla (F10)

I like arts and crafts. Realy liked decorating the doll that looked like me. Wish I had more sparkly jewelers to stick on her pretty dress. The decorating pen gels are very pretty colours. I have finished all my girls and pets and it was very easy and fun to decorate them all. Lydia (F9)

Wow! My dolls turned out even nicer than I imagined they would. This craft was really easy and alot of fun! I liked using the paint on them but even more the jewels! I did all my dolls in a couple of days. They are so pretty. I wish I had more. I really like all the glitter and the stickers, it really makes their dresses sparkle and shine. Aliyah (F8)

We are so messy! There's paint everywhere! I love painting but this is different paint because you get to decorate the dresses and animals with dots and jewels. Kelsey (F7)

I love the colours, and the jewels. I like decorating the dresses however I want with dots and jewels. You can make any pattern and any colour. There's a lot to do! Ava (F7)


A fun little craft to do with a friend. The girls then used the dolls and stands in imaginative play and created a skit with the dolls. Julie Jolicoeur

Easy for my 10 year old girl to do. right up her alley. It allows for imagination, great for fine motor, lots of colours to use and create colourful outfits. My daughter (10) finds this activity relaxing. She can work on these projects for hours until they are complete. She did all the pictures in 2 days and loves each one of them. It is nice to have an activity that relaxes you. Matching and watching your art become bling is fun. She worked with a friend finishing all the great dresses. Great fun for all and no computer!! Nice to have at home when a friend comes over and you can open this pack and do it together. Also particularly great to do on a rainy day. Everything in the package and you don't really need more things to look around to use. Orietta Miranda

My daughter enjoyed making this craft. It comes with 4-5 different girls and some pets to accompany them. Our favorite were the fox and the peacock. The craft comes with several choices of most popular pastel like colours in a tube. They work well and dry in a couple of hours. It;s best to do this craft at night to make sure the art is dry by am. Limited number of stickers comes with the craft but they do nicely. The only problem is were to place all those figurines now:-) all and all nice pass time for those who like to decorate. Marta Wisniewski

Cute little craft at a great price that can keep kids busy for hours. This is definitely Aliyah's (F8) type of craft to do and she thoroughly enjoys it. She loves everything fashion and these dolls really have stylish dresses on. She loved painting dots on them and totally blinging them out. She did wish there were more jewels but otherwise loved doing each and every onr of the dolls. Aliyah (F8) was really proud to show us her creations and couldn't wait to get to the next one as soon as she finished one. Sylvie Schnubb

There are 9 figures to Dot and Jewel so many children can work on this craft at once. F5 had a hard time squeezing the dots and ended up making the dots way too big. F7 and her friend f7 had no problem making the dots and liked putting colour on too of colour for a special effect. The colour kind of sat on top of the other colour instead of Mixing with it which looks neat. It was a little messy though. We had to wipe hands and arms quite often, but the colour was easily washable. They really enjoyed making this craft and thought the jewels were a fun addition. They are excited for them to dry to be able to put them on display on the stands included. Some may take more than an hour to dry though as some of the dots are quite big. There is enough material for the craft and lots left over which can be used for everyday crafts. Definitely a success. I like how the instructions have practice dots so the kids can learn how to squeeze to get the desired effect. Tammy Wiseman

Manufacturer's Description

A brief description of the toy: Dot, design, and jewel gorgeous gowns.  Use gelly paint and sparkling jewels to create glamorous gowns for these fierce fashionistas and their posh pets.

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