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Sparkling Sun Jewels™ Ocean Friends

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Editor's Review

Our testers loved hanging their finished creations on windows where the clear plastic, sea-themed shapes allow sunlight to shine through the colourful jewels. These projects are a little different from the original Sticky Mosaics sets as the jewels themselves have no adhesive on them - instead, the jewels are placed onto sticky spots on the plastic canvass. A couple of families noted that the sticky gel seemed to dry out if incomplete projects were left too long between sessions. And one family found that the jewels fell off a dropped project that had been hanging in a sunny window. We tried a couple of projects oursleves and had no problem with the adhesive drying out when we left a half finished project loosely covered (with the original plastic film) for a week before finishing it. And the jewels continue to stay well stuck on our projects even after a month in a south-facing window. To be sure, we recommend you check to make sure the jewels are pressed firmly onto the project....

Tester Reviews


I like this even better then regular sticky mosaic because it's all jewels and you can hang them in the window when you're done and they are really beautiful. Because the background is see through I can follow the pattern or make my own pattern with the jewels. I left the fish out for too long though and it started to lose its stickiness before I was finished. If you finish quickly it works well. Autumn (F5)

This is an awesome craft. I love sticky mosaics and this one is different and you can hang them in the windows. I love suncatchers and dolphins, too! The patterns are really nice and colourful. It would be fun to hang these like a mobile so they can move with the breeze AND shine in the sun! There are a lot of sticky spots so you have to make sure your hair doesn't get stuck to it or even your fingers. Ava (F7)

I really like how colourful and pretty the jewels are. When it's really sunny, the sun sparkles through the jewels. I liked finding the right shape and colour of jewel and sticking it down. And there were extra jewels for my crafts! At first I thought we had to glue the jewels on, but then we saw you peel the paper away and it's sticky underneath. My favourite was the dolphin! (F5)

I love the seahorse! They really shine a lot in the sun! You have to be careful not to touch the sticky stuff with your fingers. Carleigh (F5)

I LOVE IT! I think it is beautiful and I love seeing it when I walk out to the backyard. My friends thought is was really cool. I was really sad when some of the jewels fell off the whale. My Mommy says we can glue the jewels back on. Leelah (F5)

The craft looks really nice when I fished. It was easy to put the pieces on. I like how you can hang it up on the window when you're done. Kyle (M8)

This craft is pretty, but perhaps not for me. Rebecca (F6)


This was a great craft. My 5 yr old daughter was easily able to do this independently and create a beautiful finished product. We liked that the clear background mean that you can either place a pattern behind and follow the instructions, or create your own pattern. The sea creature theme is popular with my daughter. The only struggle we had is that you can not leave one of the animals partially finished for too long or it will lose its stickiness between when you start and come back to finish. Also once started, the project is hard to pack up, as the backgrounds remain sticky. Allison Munro

The girls (5 & 7) were excited to create these sun jewels. They say they have seen the commercials for it on tv. This sticky mosaic is a little different from others we are used to. With these, you stick the jewels to the sticky paper whereas others you stick the sticky jewels to the paper. The girls needed help fitting the sticky plastic over the design to get started. I set the clear template into the slots on the coloured paper to get the girls set up. When peeling off the plastic cover, you have to pull slowly in case some of the glue doesn't come off, so that if it does you can just press down and pick up the missing glue dot and continue pulling. They finished all five projects in one evening, and there seem to be plenty of extra jewels included. When they tried to relocate the sea animals from one window to the next, the resticking didn't go so well and some have fallen and lost their stickiness. The box was way too big for the materials provided and once they started one design they had to finish it because we couldn't put the sticky design back in the box because it would stick to the box. It's a fun craft and they look great in the sunshine! Tammy Wiseman

Lily (5) really enjoyed this craft and was able to complete the projects on her own. It's great for dexterity because the jewels are small and the sticky part is exact. And the finished products are very pretty. The only problem we encountered was that peeling the plastic to reveal the sticky parts caused some of the sticky parts to come off, and they were difficult to replace without losing stickiness. Also, the part provided to stick to the window doesn't stick very well. It would have been better with suction cups. But overall, it's really being enjoyed by Lily. Christina Beeson 

I love this craft and am really happy to see my daughter's (5) creation on our window. She enjoyed doing it and was proud of what she made. I was going to buy this as a gift for birthday parties in the future. I will not do that now that we have experienced what happens over time. After a month of it being on the window, a friend (F8) took it off the window and dropped it. Many of the jewels fell off as the sticky gel has dried up. Debby Wolfe

My daughter (6-1/2) was taken with this craft right away and was eager to start. She quickly figured out how to do the work, although asked to stop about 1/2 way through the first item she chose. She got tired of working with the very small jewels, and did not finish the sets completely in the end. Because she did not work on them continuously, the sticky part became less sticky (the whole backing has to come off at one time). This is a nice craft, but perhaps better for a slightly older child than 6.5 years. Ruth Burany

Manufacturer's Description

Stick over 800 sparkling jewels to create shimmering shapes.  Hang completed creations in your window to create an underwater scene.  

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