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Play Value 8
Cost Value 9
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 9

PlushCraft® Petal Pillow

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Editor's Review

Another gret PlushCraft® design. Excellent craft and a HUGE hit with our play testers, who proudly displayed their finished pillow - a few even cuddled with it, despite that it is designed as a display pillow (laundering might be a concern).

Tester Reviews


I love this pillow! At first it was hard to poke the petals through the pillow, but then I figured it out and could push them through easily. I love flowers and it looks so pretty and I made it myself! Lily (F5)

I like how we put the petals in with the needle, punching them in the hole. They should add another design on the other side with the colors: red, a really nice light green, and aqua. Maja (F6)

I love my pillow - it's so soft and pretty! It was a lot of fun to make and I did almost all of it by myself. It is beautiful in my room. I always cuddle with it when mom and dad are not there and I am alone. Leelah (F5)

It didn't take long at all to do and I really liked doing it so maybe they should make it bigger or something so it takes longer. Now I can use the pillow in my room because the colours match my room. I want more of these to do! Ava (F7)

The pillow is so soft and pretty. Can I switch it with my old cuddly pillow? Leah (F5)


I only had to show my daughter (5) how to hook the petals and then she was good to go. This decorative pillow took her about 20 minutes to make and she has slept with it on her bed since making it. She is proud of her accomplishment and likes to cuddle and play with it before she falls asleep. The pillow is holding up well, although I did have to use a hot glue gun for the yellow flower centre to stay on. I like that the packaging was kept to a minimal and there was only the box and a few bags with the felt pillow, all of which could be recycled. Carolyn Richardson

F6 really enjoyed this pretty craft project. There is already a design  of the flower pattern on the pillow which F6 easily followed. Had to show her how to push the petals into the holes with the stick, and then she was able to do it independently. She found it easier to push through the holes first without the petals. She really enjoyed this craft but needed help to make the yellow part in the middle - it involved rolling a strip of yellow material and tying an elastic to the end. Once finished, she has it proudly displayed on her bed, but she is not "playing" with it. Really like that there is no glue or sewing required. Safety concern-wise, there is a pointy stick used to poke the petals into the holes of the pillow. Kit also came with small elastics, used for the centre of the flower, which could be a choking hazard for younger children. Sandra Wong

The pillow is holding up well with a bit of use for play and as a pillow. None of the petals have fallen out. The centre does not stay on well so I may glue it on. My daughter (5) has had many evenings cuddling and lying down on her pillow before falling asleep. The petals have stayed intact and the pillow is not showing signs of wear (even if some petals did fall out, they go back easily). Leelah (5) completed the craft within 30 minutes. Left on her own, it would have been done much faster, but I slowed her down a bit so she could place the petals well. The middle part was a bit difficult to do by herself. The pillow is very soft with bright colours and makes for a very nice accessory. Great craft that is still used and is a source of pride for having made it herself. Debby Wolfe

This craft is unique and was easy for both my girls f5 and f7 to do. The girls like the colours. They were able to punch the felt in the pillow without a problem and took turns doing so. It didn't take too long to complete - maybe 15-20 minutes total. There were quite a few felt pieces left over. I would've liked the other side to be another design to extend the time spent creating the pillow. Then it could also be turned over to whatever side you want for decoration in the kids room. The centre piece attaches with Velcro and it got lost so doesn't stay on too well, but the petal pieces seem to fit in well and I doubt they will come off.The colours are vibrant and the pillow looks great on their bed. Tammy Wiseman

Lily (5) really enjoyed this craft. It didn't take very long for her to complete it on her own, once she got the hang of poking the petals through using the tool provided. It was done in about 5 minutes, so it was almost too quick. Something a little more complex would have been better. The centre of the flower was hard for her to do on her own, so it required a bit of parental help, but other than that, it was all done by her. Christina Beeson

Manufacturer's Description

Create a Petal Pillow! Use the stylus to punch oversized fabric pieces into your pillow. Create high-quality fabric-by-number creations, no sewing required.

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