Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 8
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Educational Value 9
Safety 9

Spot it! Numbers and Shapes Disney Frozen Olaf

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Editor's Review

Our testers loved the Disney Frozen images of these Spot It! cards. Like the original Spot It! Junior game, this is a great eye-spy card game for younger kids! The deck is structured the same way, with 31 cards each featuring six images on it. And like other Spot It! games, there is always exactly one - and only one - matching picture with any other card in the deck. It's an excellent design that lends itself to some interesting games. It's basically  themed version of the original Spot It! Junior games - in fact, the included booklet has rules for the three 4+ games described in the original Spot It! Junior game. So we're not really sure why the manufacturer suggests this game for for three year olds, especially as the cards themselves re actually smaller. Our younger testers did in fact find the game a little too challenging to play easily. Great game, but we recommend it for ages 4+.

Tester Reviews


I like that each card has the same match even though you move it around and the circular shapes of the cards. I like the matches on it. Maja (F6)

I like matching the cards. I only like the characters on the cards but it's too hard to play because there's too much on the cards. It's too hard to find. Samantha (F3)


F (almost 4) and F6 enjoyed it but it was a little easy for F6. F4 really enjoyed the matching game which is a new concept for her. She learned quickly how to play although sometimes, it would take her a little while to find the match. F6 was able to match very quickly. They decided to take turns finding the match to give F4 more time. She liked the Frozen Olaf theme too but I think she would have enjoyed it, even if it was just regular shapes/numbers. They played with this game daily so it would have long term appeal. Like that cards come in its own tin so that it is handy for storage when not in play. Compact size so easy to take along. The cards were durable enough for children aged 3+. Good for younger children to develop matching/scanning skills and for identifying shapes/numbers. Sandra Wong

My 3.5 yr old daughter initially loved the game because it had Olaf on it. However, since we don't have any way for her to compete against someone her own age she was not interested in playing again. She was able to match the symbols easily, but the numbers were a little more difficult. I really like the vibrant colours and the tin the cards come in. Alana Fenwick

Comments for the original Spot It! Junior (play tested in 2013)

This is like the letter one but with numbers. I like it too and I know