Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 8
Play Value 8
Cost Value 8
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Educational Value 9
Safety 10

Ghost Blitz 2

Zoch Verlag/Lion Rampant
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$19.99 us
Editor's Review

A fun quick-thinking visual perception challenge that works either as a stand alone game or as a bathroom-themed expansion to the original castle-based Ghost Blitz game. The combined games offer added complexity and twists to increase enjoyment. Most of our testers found the game concept a little challenging to grasp at first, but with prctice this became a daily played favourite. the game includes five object props, each a different colour. Rounds are played using a flipped over card that displays a combination of colour and object clues to identify one of the props. The challenge is to be the first player to correctly identify and grab it. A superb game design with the added bonus of optional challenge rules - like when the towel is depicted the task is to note it's colour on the card and pick the same-coloured object prop. There's even a frog colour rule that has players naming the identified object props in different languages!

Tester Reviews


I like the pieces. I also like that there are exactly 60 cards so that you can have a tie if you have 2 or 3 players. My mom and I played to a tie. I wish the blue and they grey were easier to tell apart as they look close. Also, in the pictures the brush is all blue but the actual brush only has a blue handle. It is a fun game to play. It was really easy to learn and you can finish a game quickly. Kyle (M8)

The frog is so cute. I love him. I like playing the game by myself and thinking what to grab and I like playing with the pieces. Autumn (F5)

Lots of fun but confusing to get the hang of it at first. Madeline (F9)

It's fun to play but I keep picking the wrong object! It's hard to keep in mind the picture with the color or find what is missing, ahh there was to many things and my mom is faster than I am! At the beginning she was winning every hand ( or it felt like it ) then I kind got the trick and starting to get better, I lost the first game but the 2nd game I almost won. Mia (F12)


This game truly got better with practice and familiarity. Instructions were quite complicated to learn, partly because the colours of the actual items differ from the instructions making it confusing to grasp the concept: the actual wooden tub is a blue-ish colour (teal) and the tub depicted on the cards is grey. It took us a while to figure out that they meant the same thing. But as they got to know it better they are asking to play it daily! We had two friends come over the other day and the four kids played Ghost Blitz and we hear nothing but non-stop laughter from all four of them. Perhaps because no reading skill are required the game encompasses a wider age range of kids, but there is something about the silliness of it (now that they understand how to play) that makes them want to play it over and over again.  Julie Jolicoeur

This was a really fun little game. It was a great game to either play competitively or as a solo challenge. My daughter (5) loved to go through the cards by herself and figure out the answer to each one. She also liked to play pretend with the pieces and she loved the frog best. We also played with our son (8) competitively and he was able to compete at the same level with us. The game reminds me a lot of SET (by Set Enterprises) but in a simpler version. The grabbing can get a bit tough with people ending up scratched. I like the concept as you have to really think fast about what the piece is. It's a fun, fast logic game (about a 10 minute game) and was a fun challenge. It's a good logic learning game as well so it has some great educational value. Allison Munro

We are owners of the orginal Ghost Blitz, and this game is virtually identical... same colours, same gameplay. The characters were different. It remains a good whole family game, and we still find that the age rating is off... a 6 year old would have no trouble playing. There are a few game variants, mostly involving speaking and different languages, but our testers were not really inspired/interested by them. There are rules for combining the games together in a very simple way. At first, I thought there would be little value to this, but the added complexity and twists actually increased our enjoyment. Mike Roy

Oof, it's a lot to keep in mind sometimes. The picture can be simple, like a blue frog in a red tub, but that means that the object cannot be red, blue, a frog or a left a white gost. You have to be quick with the process of elimination and it is really easy to make a mistake, which can be funny. I enjoyed this game, there is no strategy involved, just observation. The game is quick to play, about 10 minutes for two players. Marie-Lise Hache

Manufacturer's Description

All players playing at the same time, someone reveals a card, then players grab for the "right" object but which object is right? Quick thinking and fast hands are needed to win but don't be wrong because grabbing the wrong item will cost you. 2-8 players.

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