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Klutz Build Your Own Gotcha Gadgets

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3 x AAA (Not Included)
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I like it because you can make your own crazy sounds- funny sounds and screaming sounds, and it is good for traps. It was so cool when I opened it and was able to get it working right away. The sounds and buttons are really easy to press and it shows a place to press the button. And you can set traps with noises and it is hilarious. I like that I can work it all by myself without anyone else's help, but I didn't like that it pretty much only makes sounds. Tiago (M8)


This toy kept my son (8) busy for hours after opening it. The sounds were annoying and he couldn't get enough, but I LOVE IT! It combines electronic features as well as an information book. You have to build it to make it work. It was nice to see him having to do some work to program the toy to make it function. He couldn't put this down in the first few days and kept finding new things to do with it to make rude noises or traps and really enjoyed it. It's like a prank kit mixed with robotics and other high tech features. The excitement was short lived through and after a few weeks he completely lost interest. I believe he did everything he could with the toy and then just making the silly sounds wasn't as appealing as it was when he first started testing. There are a number of different things you are able to do with it and you aren't restricted to playing with it just one way. The illustrations and instructions were very clear to understand and everything was explained in a child friendly way. My son was able to figure everything out himself and didn't require any assistance from an adult. It was great!! It was quick and easy for him to start playing - it seemed like he was making fart noises within seconds of opening the box - which is kind of rude, but it is exactly up my son's alley. Very, very annoying sounds but that is the point. No head set jack available since the noises are meant for everyone to hear. There isn't a volume control either. It's loud, very loud. On purpose. Susan Chaves

This activity kit was a fun rainy day project. Initial set up required some adult assistance - although the clips attaching unit to the cardboard base broke off trying to get it together during step one.There are lots of different noises and projects that match each sound. Zahra (F8) had fun making alarms to keep her cousin out of her room. She likes to play secret agent and spy pretend play so she used some of these function to enhance the play. There are many pages in the accompanying book to give ideas to make different gadgets and kept our little one busy. The reversible cards make the gadget box more exciting...we loved the movement detector that coverts to a doorknob hanger. It makes a horrible sound every time it is touched and it's very loud. There is no volume control and it does get annoyingly noisy sometimes - especially the "bloodcurdling scream" function. We took batteries out when not in use because there is no off switch and so it doesn't go off in the night making screaming sounds. It's handy because the pieces are all stored in the box between play sessions. The toy was a nice introduction to the science of circuitry. I'm hoping this introduction will come in handy in school if it's part of the curriculum. Lisa Gohm

Manufacturer's Description

Is Build Your Own Gotcha Gadgets a science kit or the ultimate prank book? This revised hi-tech hijinks kit features an improved circuit board, better pranks, and twice as many gut-busting sounds as the original. Build the basic Gadget, then follow the simple instructions to wire a motion sensor, door alarm, light sensor, or push-button device. After you program it with one of four funny "gotcha" sounds, you can foil late-night raids on the 'fridge or booby trap your little brother's lunch bag. Along the way, you'll learn the principles of electronic circuitry. It’s science in the service of immaturity — a veritable science fair exhibit with the soul of a whoopee cushion. 3 AAA batteries not included.

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