Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 10
Cost Value 9
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 9

PlushCraft® Hedgehog Pillow

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MSRP:$16.99 ca
$16.39 us
Editor's Review

Another gret PlushCraft® design. Excellent craft and a HUGE hit with our play testers, who proudly displayed their finished pillow. Even has some cuddle appeal, despite that it is designed as a display pillow (laundering might be a concern).

Tester Reviews


I like to push in to make the white squares into a flower (it is the hedgehog's face). When I sleep on it, it's so comfortable. Maja (F6)


Fast, pretty craft. Since F6 had already completed a similar project (petal pillow), she was able to push the felt pieces into the pillow independently and easily. No glue or sewing required. The hedgehog's felt "fur" are punched into the holes in the pillow, which is a unique idea. TShe found it easier to poke the holes through the pillow with the stick provided before poking the pieces of fabric through. There is already a design on the pillow of the hedgehog pattern which F6 easily followed. Comes with its own tool for punching in the felt pieces. It is now displayed proudly on her bed along with her petal pillow. Sandra Wong

Manufacturer's Description

There’s nothing prickly about this happy Hedgehog! Follow a numbered legend and use the stylus to punch pretty fabric pieces. No sewing required!