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Cost Value 10
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 10

3D Head Case™ Wall Art Kits

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Tester Reviews


It is so cute! I like all the different colors and patterns, at first i thought they would clash, but together they looked fine. It was easy to follow the instructions, I like that I can personalize it by putting stickers where I want and there are different accessories. I like how if you look at it sideways you see all the different layers on the eye, but when you look straight on, it like a 3D eye! The colors match my room very well, it's not heavy so it stayed on with just a tack holding it up. Mia (F12)

It was so easy to do this project. I really like the 3D effect - wish I had a cat but the rabbit in sunglasses was cool too! I like arts and crafts and this one was particularly interesting and cool to assemble. I didn't need any help. It didn't take me long at all to finish this project. Lydia (F9)

At first didn't know if it would be easy to build my art project. it looked a bit difficult but then i realized that it wasn't hard at all. You don't need anything extra to add to the building part, you just follow along and build one piece at a time and they all fit together and wow it looks cool. It is fun and relaxing getting the colours on the right squares. This activity was extra neat because the picture got to pop out. It was 3D. It was easy to put together and neat to hang in my room. It was like my personal plaque. Camilla (F10)


Mia (F12) enjoyed making the 3D headcase, she like the colors and how easy it was to create. The instructions were easy to follow. I was waiting for someone to comment why she has a cat head mounted a her wall, but it was just me. Her friends just mentionned how cute it was. Marie-Lise Hache

A fun and simple craft to do. I really liked the 3D touch so it adds dimension to the head. My kid (F9) didn't need any assistance as the instructions (illustrations) were clear and easy to follow. The craft looked exactly as it was advertise on the box. My daughter took it to school and hung it inside her locker - what a show off:-) It took about 15 - 20 minutes to assemble, perhaps the recommended age should be lowered? Once in a while she changes the design on his head. Nice craft, even nicer with 3D feature! Marta Wisnieski

Great fun and easy enough to follow and do. My daughter (10) had lots of fun doing this particular stick art because it was 3D she was able to readily complete it. It didn't take her long and it was an independent project. She loves the 3D effect. Orietta Miranda

Zahra (F8) went for some quiet time in her room this weekend and came out with this craft kit completed, She amazes me being able to read and follow the directions to put together this cute wall hanging. She decorated it with the bling provided. When we go home I will attempt to put it on her wall. Lisa Gohm

Manufacturer's Description

Create a unique piece of 3D wall décor for your room with the 3D Head Case™ "Hippity Hop" kit by Fashion Angels. Use the decorative stickers, gems, puffy glitter applique, and more to create the perfect 3D wall bunny for your room. Kit Includes; puffy glitter sticker sheet, decorative gems, puffy glitter applique, puzzle boards, charm, lace hanger, and instructions. Recommended ages 8+. Four sets are available: Head Case™ Hippity Hop (#11950), Head Case™ Bow Wowzer (#11951), Head Case™ Pretty Kitty (#11952) and Head Case™ Baby Buck (#11953) 

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